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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. Sunny and seasonal, still a great day for inside. Re: seed removal, I purged many seeds but still kept 8 year-olds just in case even though I probably will never plant them. We’re cutting back on quantities this year as I don’t have the room any more at the CG. We have a very new gardener, so she will be taking some of my space - at least that’s the plan. Time to get the younger people interested in gardening.
Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and healthy.
Good morning. Still waiting on the sun to crest the ridge and start melting the heavy frost out there. It's 18F, on its way to 58F. Should be a beautiful day. The plan for the day is watch a few how-to videos on YT, then go out and butcher prune the two peach trees. I've never done it, but there's a first time for everything. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and enjoy the day.
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Good morning. It's 53F on its way to 66F. Another beautiful day .... but breezy. Taking the wife's buggy up to the city for routine maintenance. Maybe we'll stop by one of the big box stores while we're up there. Nothing much else is going on. Shrimp boil this evening. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning. It's 38F on its way to 65F. It's like April out there. Maybe some office work this morning then .... who knows? I'm still one month out from starting seeds. Our grandson will be here after school. Grilling salmon this evening. Be safe and be good. S.M.I.L.E.
Good morning. It's sunny and 44F on its way to 65F. Nice day out there....today. Calling for light snow on Tuesday, lol. Guess I'll get out there and enjoy it while I can. Watched too many YT videos on peach tree pruning. The consensus is chop the heck out of them, but not yet. Probably in March some time, when buds start to develop. So, spent some time in the garage/workshop (more like a storage shed), and started cleaning it up. I need to do a LOT of work in there. Just a little at a time, I guess. Get after it some more today. Hope everybody has a freaky good Friday. Be safe out there and enjoy this short-lived beautiful weather.
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Good Morning….54 degrees headed to 70! Unbelievable! Completed my yard work and washed the cars outside yesterday. Plants (indoor) have been above soil for 2 weeks and are still in their half gallon containers….looking really healthy too. Off to grab some lunch at a Greek restaurant with some friends today and likely just sit outside and enjoy this break in the winter weather. Our daily high temperatures are expected to fall by 15 degrees starting tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday!
Wife is working in her gardens. sold a big tree trimming job and a landscape job yesterday for the up coming week. Have to help move one of Sonyas friends tomorrow then help move some crap for one of my friends Sunday. Picked up the work truck from the shop this morning. Im relaxing for the most part the rest odf the day. Watched a movie first thing this morning called Reptile it was pretty good. Have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's 31F on its way to 48F. Partly sunny but much colder and a reminder that we've still got at least another 6 weeks of winter. Watching Premier League this morning. Yesterday, I made my list of a few seed starting supplies I need to order. The large male cat had some kind of episode yesterday and we had to take him to the vet. All of his blood work checked out OK so we're not sure what his issue was (we suspect a hypoglycemic issue) .... he's been on insulin for 6 months and we need to make sure he's eating/eaten his food before we give him his shot. Today, I should get a fairly large fishing tackle shipment. That should keep me busy this afternoon. Got out some ribeyes to grill this evening. My wife tells me that today, she's going to be busy making stuff for tomorrow's big game. That's about it for today. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 41F, on its way to 62F. Chance of showers all day. Need to run a few errands today, then home and futzing. Ribeyes on the grill is our plan as well. Yum. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Stay safe out there and don't put the winter garb away just yet.:)
Good morning. 24-32F with 6” new snow. The dusting chore was postponed yesterday as daughter and I did a bit of shopping. There’s always another day for dusting. Not much on today’s docket except chili and chocolate chip cookies - something to warm the house.
Have a warm, cozy Saturday. Stay healthy.
Moved crap for some crazy chick is done. Picked up a bunch of crap for a job and have it in green house to chill for a couple days is done. Got wife dirt for her gardens is done. Bourbon is being done. Chilling is at its beginning stage. Chuck my man, Netflix and Chill!