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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's 66F on its way to 88F. Mostly cloudy and very humid. Maybe a shower or T-Storm this AM. I might mow this afternoon but I'm in no rush :rolleyes: . The tomato plants have really taken to the wetter WX and are now approaching 4' tall and are covered in green fruit and blossoms. Our annuums are covered with pods as well. Still picking asparagus, lettuce and radishes (though some of the radishes are starting to bolt). The sweet corn, bush beans, cucumbers and zucchini are all up and growing fast. Futzing this morning and then we'll see if the WX will cooperate enough to mow this afternoon. Chicken poblano tacos this evening. Muy bueno! Cervezas tambien. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning. 54-84F, a great day to finally plant annual flowers in pots. My helper fizzled out yesterday so it’s my fun for today. I’m also hoping to plant pole beans and cukes at home today. First off is water the CG. We’ve been dry most of May as the hail storms luckily missed us so far.
Have a wonderful day. Take time for yourself, talk to your plants, and S.M.I.L.E.
Good morning. It's 71F on its way to 82F. Clouds and breaks of sun. Very humid with some T Storms in the forecast. I would like to mow today .... we'll see if the WX cooperates. HVAC system tune up this morning. I need to start on the iris bed cleanup too ..... not looking forward to it. Harvesting some lettuce, onions, radishes and asparagus later today. Nothing else is going on. Grilled cheese and salad this evening. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 69F, on its way to 81F. Calling for partly sunny and humid, with a shower possible. Might be an ok day. Got the beans planted yesterday, and mulched some of the peppers. Also cut the grass. Need to finish trim cutting today. Might try to work on that last 25% of the garden renno as well. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and enjoy playing with your plants!
Good morning! It's gonna be a hot one in NF today. Well, hotter than it has been for the area at least. 83 degrees. My dogs are gonna hate staying inside most of the day, but my pepper plants are gonna love it.

Have a great day all. I'm about to finish my coffee and really get started with my day.
Good morning. 57-82F, a beautiful, dry day. I’m the ‘gardener’ for my neighbor for a week, so we went through watering instructions. Lots to do for this week. Hopefully the cukes will get planted today, at least the soil is warm enough. The annual flowers got potted, more pots to fill. They may just get seeded. Iris beds also need lots of TLC.
Enjoy your day. Take time for yourself. Hugs to Sic and his family.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 68F, on its way to 83F. Partly sunny, shower this morning, t-storm this afternoon possible. Might be another ok day. Got the drip irrigation installed for the peppers yesterday. Gonna try and build a new setup for the tomatoes today. Still need to work on that last 25%, ha. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and enjoy your day.
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Good morning. It's 68F on its way to 84F. Humid with intervals of clouds and sun. Severe storms are forecasted to blow through after dark tonight. Mowing today. I might do some weeding and tie up a few tomato plants that have outgrown their initial staking. The tomatoes are loving this weather ..... the peppers are just tolerant. They're wanting more sun and heat. My wife's iris beds need thinning out and a good cleanup. That is not a job I'm looking forward to. Grilling salmon this evening. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning all. Dog walks, yard work and transplanting are on the agenda for today. I may even get the chance to play with my propane torch for a bit if we don't have a lot of wind to contend with. Need to prep some new garden beds for even more native perennials on our property. The amount of pollinator activity around here since we started adding natives has been insane, so I figure even more of them won't hurt. My pepper plants have certainly benefitted from it.

Have a great day everyone.
Good morning. 54-90F. Yikes w/the heat so early in June. CG work this AM, replacing a flea beetle eaten tomato and planting straggler peppers. Saw a doctor yesterday that OKed me to drive - short distances anyway. That’s fine with me. I’d rather be gardening.
Enjoy your day. Keep those pollinators happy, we’d be very sad without them. Glad to hear Sic and Sonya are home again.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 68F, on its way to 80F. Chance of showers and thunderstorms all day. Got a few things done in the garden yesterday. Today is errand day. Several stops to make....in the rain. Yuck. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there and enjoy your day.
Good morning. It's 59F on its way to 86F. Mostly sunny, pleasant and much less humid. The dewpoint is back down in the 50s. We have seen a surge in pollinators here too. I have seen more honey bees this year than any of the previous 25 years we have lived here. I was thinking that some of our new neighbors to the south must have bee boxes but I don't know for sure. Mowed yesterday. The "grass" was thick and wet .... not too good for mowing but got it done. Storms came through last night with a lot of "huffing and puffing" but no rain. Nothing urgent on today's agenda. Maybe some futzing. There's always garden weeding to be done. Heading out to cut some asparagus. Beans-n-ham and fried potatoes tonight. Beverages too. Be safe and be good.
Good morning all. It is currently dumping rain in Niagara Falls, which means I don't have to do any watering today. Yay! But I still have a few more transplants left, which I will be getting to at some point this weekend. The brief delay won't be any issue for my overwintered BBM and Primo plants. They will still outproduce most of my first year plants.

On that note, I have some coffee to drink and a brand new book to enjoy. Have a great day everyone.
Afternoon all, yes I forgot to post this a.m.
Another sunny day, been out in the garden since sparrow-fart planting out peppers - got all the tomatoes done yesterday.
And that's all that is planned for today, oh and grocery shopping, spose I better get some food in.
Have a good Thursday, keep warm, dry, cool and calm and smile, of course :D
Good morning. It's drizzling and 70F, on its way to 83F. Clouds and sun this afternoon, with a thunderstorm possible. Sounds like a mixed bag weatherwise. Starting tomorrow, we're supposed to have five days of gorgeous; mid-seventies and partly sunny. Looking forward to it. Didn't go don't to the garden yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it's still there, ha. Might be able to get down there today. We'll see. Who knew sparrow-fart is a real thing? :rofl:Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and enjoy your day.