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JAB Farms to attempt GLOG for first time!

I've been told for years that my craziness should be documented somewhere. Well, I'm going to attempt it. Each year I like to start at least 3 times what I am planning for myself. I do fill 3 other (neighbors and family) gardens as well but even so have tons of plants. And on average I have 500 hot pepper plants in our garden, with 35-50 superhots in buckets on deck. (along with 75 tomatoes, okra, tons of cucs in garden) This year I started 42 types of HOT peppers, 12 types of sweet (not for me!). I'll attach photo's later - so in some kind of order) as I have several in my 30+ trays of 48 as I am starting transplanting and putting back under lights until they are ready for greenhouse. There are 3 - 5 shelf shelving units inside with lights across and 3 shelving units of 4 shelves in garage as backup.

What's the crazy guy growing this year? In HOT category (for most of us)
Carolina Reaper, White Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion, Apocalypse Scorpion, White Trinidad Scorpion, Caribbean Red, Datil, Red Savina, Helios, Scotch Bonnet Freeport Orange, Thai Culinary, Thai Dragon (2 types), Prik Chi Faa, Bottle Rocket, Kung Pao, Aji Amarillo, Aji Pineapple, Sugar Rush Peach, thunder Mountain Longhorn, Long Red Slim Cayenne, Long Thick Cayenne, Lemon Drop, Devil Serrano, Hot Rod Serrano, Santo Domingo Serrano, Antiplano Serrano, Joe Cayenne, Atomic (Brazilian) Starfish, Big Thai, Orange Spice, Biker Billy, Jalapeno Early, Jedi Jalapeno, Dante Jalapeno, Everman Jalapeno, Inferno Hot Banana, Gochujang King, Cucumber Pepper, Numex Big Jim and JAB Superhot (usually a cross between all my superhots from previous year)

Hope someone can at least laugh at my craziness!

More to come.


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:) Yes. It definitely becomes a challenge, but something I've learned over the years - the peppers love to be elbow-to-elbow with other peppers. And if having to work to get down my rows - means i get a bunch more to pick... I'm game :lol:

All peppers, Tomatoes are planted in garden/containers. I have 507 Peppers IN! 416 in garden (in ground) and rest in contrainers/buckets. I'll attach a few pictures of the madness... Still have a bunch of peppers in greenhouse. This is the sad day :) They are not going anywhere and will be ready should something take a hit. I have backups!

So, front garden as of today... Everything loved the all day soaking rain yesterday.

Superhots on the deck are larger than they have ever been at this point in the season. That bodes well for my harvests!

14 Carolina Reapers, 3 White Moruga Scorpions, 3 White Trinidad Scorpions, 7 Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, 5 Apocalypse Scorpions, 4 Pink Tiger x Reapers (second pic)

Will update as things grow and I start picking!!!

PINK TIGER _051924.jpg
Finally able to update! Things are looking good. Peppers growing and much larger than my last few years - so the new way of making soil with Peat Moss/Perlite/Vermaculite is making a huge difference on them. As I believe I mentioned before, i used to use Miracle Grow Garden soil to start my seeds and upon transplanting. Well, they changed something and the last few years we were left with stunted plants and millions of gnats. This year, I made my own starting mixture - and only added some compost into transplant mix. That along with FoxFarm Grow Big every couple weeks - has made a HUGE difference. I will be switching to FoxFarm Tiger Bloom soon... but everything is MUCH larger than last year. I've already picked my first Inferno (Hot Banana) and surprisingly it had a bite (not expecting that this early). Also picked huge Jalapeno and a handful of tomatoes too. Cucs coming as well. Hope all are doing well out there and having success!

So the updates.
Cucumber and Tomato row. I have been planting Cucs in weekly fashion as hoping to have them last longer. So you will see handful producing and others catching up. This is a trial - appears to be working at this point... Tomatoes - I've never had this large this early - nor have I been picking already! My favorite is 4th of July which is larger than cherry but smaller than typical store bought. So around a 4-6oz tomato. I love them and have 77 in for that reason!

Then onto the Container update. First are some outside of garden near our grill. Lemon Drop, Santo Domingo, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, White Trinidad Scorpion, Helios, Scotch Bonnet's and more can be found... (there are more in containers - just not pictured - Cayenne, Prik Chi Faa, Datil, Thai Dragon)... The Carolina Reapers are insane... (in center behind Pink Tiger).

Then to the containers in front of garden (in back). This spot has always done well for me as one of handful of areas that gets good sun (we have HUGE Oak and Pine trees in our yard). More Datil, Big Thai, Helios, Sugar Rush Peach, Red Savina here.

Then to craziness on deck. These Superhots (Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, White Trinidad Moruga, Apocalypse Scorpion, White Moruga Scorpion and Pink Tiger x Reaper can be found. The stalks on some of these are larger than I can believe. They are about twice the size they typically are at this point. This could be a great year!!! I still have about 100 in my greenhouse that will not have a home - shame - but I'm completely out of room and I have filled in other gardens all around me :P Some slugs still testing my patience - but working on them... And of course this (and the other pics too) were taken while sun was still beating down today (over 90 here) so in protection mode. I watered what needed to be - and all are very happy in this heat (UNLIKE ME!)

I'll try to post updates every couple weeks - as I expect to have some colorful photos to share soon. There are only 513 pepper plants in (ground/containers)... 42 varieties of hot peppers... looking like might beat my record of 16,000 peppers picked mark if things keep going this way.