event Kato's 2008 contest

[quote name='Cap'n Bones']Hey Mick,
Glad to hear that yer still pressin forward with the contest!

The wife wants to enter with her Buccaneer Bites again. Will there be a category for Sweets w/heat this year?[/QUOTE]

I got one too Cap'n...now we need one more..:)
Yes get at many entries as possible. It'll make the contest a bigger and better event. Looks as if i'll be a judge again with fellow heat seekers Charline of Dixie Datil and Bob of world of Hot

The peoples choice award is being sponsored by THP( The Hot Pepper)
and will be a free tasting to all. Last year it was quite the scene. So I'm hoping for another exciting event where the winner is decided by a couple percentage points again.

Well it has started offically now. We received our first entries A wing sauce from Pittsburgh Pepper Company Looks very good. If we have any aspiring wing sauce makers out there step up and give us your best.

I guess it's starting up now Creator has entered and we hope to set him up against Pittsburgh Pepper Co.'s Gourmet Wing Sauce and any other saucemakers that wish to go against other industry leaders for cash and a fine acyrlic trophy enter your best product and join in the fun. Contact us at Kato's 888-528-KATO(5286)

Hi guys,
i am sending in Woodys reserve, for the hot sauce, i see its $25 how shall i pay as were in £. Paypal maybe.

I'll throw a little 'pain' probably into the 'medium' section if I ever get labels printed. Anyone know any printers who actually want work?
What constitutes a label, can I print it on card & rubber band it to the neck of the bottle....can I give you a URL of the artwork (artwork link)

We got until when to submit the entry?
First Woody You can use paypal kato@katoproductions is our account and very glad to have you join in.

Okay now about the label question how are you entering first pro or amatuer? If Pro I would think you need a proper label. If not a pro then the idea of attaching to bottle neck or just written on paper your product name, ingredients, and process on canning. Someway attached to bottle.

hehe - it's not a typo - its ginger pickled in rice vinegar. normally served with sushi.

Looking forward to trying some. Have heard from a few other sauce makers that they would like to enter. So this is going to turn out great and I would like to thank all of you for helping to make this huge.

Well you're all doomed now, looks like I'll be putting in two entries.
The nerd 'pain' and a 'pain 2' [pain squared] with a few fresh Nagas thanks to Billyboy.
Look out - the Aussies are coming! :hell:
Hey chiliman looks like its all up to you!! Good luck to all who enter!! I will not be entering this year. :( with all the things goin on I am unable to get time to run a batch of sauce for the competition also financially I cannot do either.......Sorry Guys....Again Good Luck to everyone who enters....
Thats a shame Dyce51 - still better to bow out gracefully now than suffer the indignity of losing to an Aussie ;)

Pain 2 will be ready tomorrow, I'll post on Friday. It should get there just in time. Its worked out nice...in a napalmy kind of way :fire:
hey kato is my sauce an automatic entry into the 'Hottest Hot Sauce' category , or is that a separate entry?
Pointless question really I dont have enough bottles of pain2 to be able to make two entries of it.

I'm also going to be posting on Friday, between 2 entry fees and posting 4 bottles halfway across the planet I'd sure hate to screw it up on a technicality, so can I run this by you please.
I'll have the labels with all the ingredients listed on laminated card attached to the bottles with rubber bands.
I'm entering the 'Amateur' section.
I'll paypal the entry fees tomorrow.
What else do I need to do? Forms to fill out etc.?


DYCE!!!?? What the hell? Stay up late, get up early, fake barf and leave work. Just get that sauce done! You seem to be the only guy who honestly and sincerely will talk junk with me. I have dream sof whooping you two years in a row. It has kept me going since the last contest ended. Oh well, I guess I will have to set my sites on The Big Bent!

Really loooking forward to this years contest, have already cleared space for the hardware. I'm gonna name the BBQ trophy "Bent Over" after taking the Nerd down.

As alway's to all who are not used to me, i love to talk trash, but mean none of it. It's just a fun and creative outlet. I think some out there think I am a jerk, but I am not. If you want me to stop, just beat me and I become righteously humble (Right Anija? Haven't heard much since you pounded me in the mustard catagory!)

Good luck to all, I am looking forward to the fray.

Hey Mick, are you gonna be at the Miami gig? Also, I need to get a hold of more sauce, I will be down your way in April (Disney) or if you have some gallons available now, let me know, I should get at least two this time, more possibly.
Send us an e-mail and I'll attach the forms or you can go to our site and download them.

Good Luck!