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Make your best taco.

And it doesn't have to be mexican.
I put ever dang 'thang on a flour or corn tortilla.
Thats a taco.
Make a bigger taco.
Thats a burrito.
Its all good.
Ever had a brisket and egg breakfast taco?
How about a sun dried tomato, goat cheese, roasted garlic, pequin, and refried bean taco?
The rules are this.
Keep it flour or corn.
Home made or store bought.
If you post a pita taco I will like you but then unlike you.
And then probably still like you again if it looks really good.
Get crazy.
Lime cilantro chicken thighs with pequin powder.
I love pequins.
Flat topped.
Like a naval aircraft carrier.

And even more lime and cilantro.
In pintos and rice.

Roll it all up with some cheese and rock it!
The pics do no justice.

Those damn paper plates.
Give it to me!
outlaw said:
Dang those tacos look so good brother! I want some baby duck eggs
They're just duck eggs.
Baby ducks don't lay eggs.
But if they did.
We'd kill and eat their unfertilized non hatched fetuses.
And put them on tiny toasted english muffins.
With little tiny slices of ham and cheese.
Like a duck midget mcmuffin.
You listening?
Haha I know its just a smaller duck egg, but wondering how the size of the duck egg differs from a regular one. Can the same duck lay bigger/smaller eggs? Or are the sizes dependent on the species of duck? I need educating. 
I would be upchucking the boogie if a plate of balut was in front of me! 
When words get in the way of food...........................................
Best baja fish tacos.
I ever made.
And eaten.
Get some whiting.
Make some guac.
Whoop up some lime cilantro crema.
Thin slice some red cabbage.
Whir and stir some pineapple 'peno salsa.
And get down.

Make batter.
50/50 corn meal and AP flour.
Toss in some baking powder.
Pour in some COLD plain carbonated water.
Splooge some yellow mustard.
Beat it like your sisters misbehavin' kids.

Heat up some oil in cast iron.
Butt rocket.

Throw down some corn tortillahs in the oil while you're at it.

Cheapass paper plate it.

Go hide it from mrs. blues.
She's already pissed you stunk up the kitchen like fish.

Grab it by the taco.

Fish tacos.
Natures Viagra.
I am shitting you not.
texas blues said:
Plancha style chix thighs.
Flour tore tillah's.
Red onion.
Feta scheeze.
Chiltepin Tsatziki.
Way better than pita.
Mexican Gyro.
Mediterranean food.
Made mexican style.
By a hungarian.
We don't need no stinkin' pita!
Love the one you're with.
Nice, but is that a ..22 in the background? You hate pita that much
What that video doesn't show.
Is that the build quality is incredibly good.
Like surgical steel nuclear weapons grade good.
Paulky has the 22mag. version.
And its not for shooting targets.
Or any distance outside of 3 feet.
Its a "get off me" gun.
And si senor.
It will kill cheapass pita.