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photography Pet picture thread!

Hey, I'm sure this has been done several times but I just joined recently so let's do this! I have a chocolate dapple mini dachshund named Achilles... he may be only 13 lb's, but he thinks he's 10x that.


Here he is having a bath


Sharing his bed with his best friend, a mini dachshund named pebbles.


Sharing her bed!
Nice dogs, my relatives have some Dachshunds, funny dogs.


This is my parents dog, Laslo. He's a "Labradoodle"? Not sure how they spell that, but it's a mix between a Lab and a Poodle. He's a pretty cool dog.


Some of my old pets that I, unfortunately, sold because of a new job. :(

I started a pet thread a while back that has a lot of pics if you want to search for it. It's buried somewhere here in The Lounge.
This is my beautiful girl

Her name is jodie and she is 15 years old. She is a Chihuahua and miniature pincer cross...

We found her at the dog shelter when she was only a few weeks old...All the ladies running the shelter were taking it in turns to take her home each night, and when we said we would take her they even came to our house to make sure she was going to a good home..hehe....

We named her after the lady that did the inspection and let us keep her...
Bonnie {named such because we got her out of 'The Big House'.. AKA 'Savage guard dog AKA trained killer * vicious beast.

after an afternoon of meeting my sisters 6 month old fox terrier for the first time.

This is Roscoe and I call him "Bubby Dogs"...for those of you that never watched the Little Rascals back in the 50s and early 60s thats what Buckwheat called Petey

Roscoe is definitely my best friend and he is always my shadow...he is a Weimaraner

Bent, I absolutly love Rottweilers... My parents have a rotty Named Bonnie as well.... and Jodie (the small dog in my first post) is the boss when they are togehter...hehe

P.S. AJ, you have a beautiful looking Weimaraner there....
moyboy said:
I absolutly love Rottweilers... My parents have a rotty Named Bonnie as well.... and Jodie (the small dog in my first post) is the boss when they are togehter...hehe

My Bonnie is a labra-dober-shepherd. 2nd one I've had....wouldn't be suprised if they're related....old {long passed} Monty had about 40 offspring that I heard about.

Thats Jack with Tom my youngest boy riding him.
I've had Jack since he was 5 weeks old and take him to work with me almost every day.
I wish i could do the same with my boys:)
He is an English/American Staffy and is a great dog and very stupid at times.
He hates hot sauce wuth a vengeance, teach him to lick it up!!
thanks for fixing the pic whoever:)
This is my dog Magnum (great dane X neapolitan mastiff). I just came in the door from dinner tonight, and she was sooo happy to see me, and then I got whacked by her tail where no man cares to take a hit! I spent 5 minutes on the floor.
This is her as a pup after a big meal:

This is her 3rd birthday last year with her friend, Jemma.
Savage guard dog

the day after we got her from the shelter we took her here. She sat at the tree line & howled at all the space & was scared of the water.

3 holidays later:

And here is max, only had him a couple weeks before we could not afford to feed him anymore. Purebred boxer, gave him to a friend who had just lost his wife of 62 years. They are doing great together.



Bailey and max mad each other really tired.


Thats all.