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photography Pet picture thread!


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texas blues said:
My apologies.
Still looks like trouble.
She’s has plenty of room to run at the vineyard, if not she would be too much to handle at home. I have a fenced in yard and corner lot but not enough room for her.

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jedisushi06 said:
She mostly likes to eat the wine grapes that fall to the ground while we are harvesting them.  Then hit the pond for a dip lol.
Careful! Grapes and Raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.  Raisins more so than grapes because there is no excess water left in them and whatever causes the problem is consumed in more concentrated amounts.  I never keep raisins in the house but I was with the dogs at my grandmother's a few years back and spent almost $4k in emergency vet bills finding this out.  
Here is Grace. She is an English bully who thinks she is a tiger. My wife and I only get 2nd hand bullys (but only have 1 at a time). Most people who get them expect something different from them. We know they typically have medical issues, are sleepaholics, and fart/burp like a 6 year old boy. She is our 6th bully.


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To lay on the floor.
Rubbing her belly.
Trouble makes me her chew toy.
She likes flannel.
When she is gone.
What will I give?
For just one more moment with her?
Stupid question.
In the last post I got lucky with the pic of Trouble.
She see's me pull out the batcameraphone.
And she beats feet.
Under my leather chair.
Which is not mine anymore.
missylou owned it first.
And now its Trouble's.

I can't believe she let me take this pic.

And then this.

She's just showing off now.
Bitch owns me.