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photography Pet picture thread!

Clockwise from the top: Sushi (passed 2/25/21). Sashimi. Speedy, Chocolate and Boogers. Fred.

dragonsfire said:
Apple Snails ?
Nice :)
Yes. Pomacea bridgesii, aka mystery snails. There are also Malaysian trumpet snails, bladder snails and some kind of Lymnaea snail. Our daughter loves snails.
My boy Chuck, not quite a year old. He passed just this last July.
Charlie & Pop 2008.jpg

I've been told that after a time I'll feel otherwise, but after this guy I think I'll never have the strength to fall in love with another,
only to know I'll have to deal with that depth of loss again. He. Was. The. Best.
My beloved Emperor died a week ago. He was a awesome cat and held court here in the swamp. Wife found a few day old kitten on the side of the road last Thursday. She has been nursing it and it seems like it's going to survive. It's tough for a cat in these parts so it better HTFU! Haven't named yet.
Our cat is named Ryuu its Japanese for Dragon. I was station on the Midway aircraft carrior out of Yokosuka Japan in the 80s.
I looked up Sicman in Japanese and it would make a great cat name. Its pronounced.

Sorry to read about Emperor as well Sic. But you've got a cutie there! Boy or girl? Looking at this photo, I'm kinda diggin Mohawk, Mo for short lol.