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photography Pet picture thread!

Bowing down to PETA.
Alaska Airlines after this year.
Will no longer sponsor the Iditarod.
And thus.
I will no longer fly Alaska Airlines.
And I flew plenty with them.
Shame on them.
And they should change their name.
They are not worthy of Alaska.
Today was the early start of the 2020 Iditarod.
The real start/ restart begins in WIllow tomorrow.
Forget about the media.
Forget about the hoopla.
There's the mushers.
And the dogs but.....
It is and will always be.
About the dogs.
They love to run!
Gods country.
texas blues said:
Bowing down to PETA.
Alaska Airlines after this year.
Will no longer sponsor the Iditarod.
And thus.
I will no longer fly Alaska Airlines.
I thought Alaska Air is based in Seattle, isn't it? Damn bait-n-switch!!
We got the Beargrease up here, we doan' knee know steenkeen airlines!
The world today.
Trouble doesn't give a scheeit.
bob65 said:
Not a pet, more of a visitor in the shed this afternoon.
Scared the crap out of me because I first noticed it when my right elbow was about 4" away from it.
OH, that's why I keep Terriers in my life :-) To swiftly dispatch long, slithering things.
My building has barn swallows.
They make a racket.
Crap every where.
But they eat heaps of bugs.
And I love them.
This light post had a nesting pair.
Built a mud/straw cup.
And had 6 chicks.
Now all fledglings.
Not very good pics but there's 4 of em' there.


Not all pets live with us.
But they can live around us.
Love can be found every where.
Love the one you're with.
I never was a fan of Jimmy Houston.
His bass fishing celebrity or shows.
But this.
Reminds me.
What a wonderful world.
That we live in.
Our pets.
And amazing animals.
Let us forget about all of our troubles.
If even for only a moment.
I keep tellin' y'all.
Love the one you're with.
Wednesday night the 15th, the dogs and I went for a walk in the rain, by the night Bacio was in pain. Gave him a rimadyl, but by morning he was stil having trouble.  Went to a walk in clinic, after a 3 hr wait and him rapidly declining, he was seen for 5 minutes and we were sent home with pills and told it was a pinched nerve.  By Thursday evening, he wasn't able to use his legs, we got him in for X-rays Friday morning, and my vet said I should euthanize him.  I wasn't ready, I asked if pain management was an option for the weekend, or wheels or anything... he did not seem to want to even consider these things, so i went to an emergency vet with a neuro specialist.  He was diagnosed as paralyzed, deep pain negative, and even if we did an MRI they thought he had less than a 50% chance of recovering any mobility.  However, he wasn't in pain, and wheels would be an option.  We went home with a full body harness and I continued to carry my 60lb boy around. The day and a half were rough, but he loved it I carried him down to the yard and let him enjoy the grass. 

I knew he wasn't ready, when I looked in his face he let me know. When I slept on the floor he wanted to be right next to me, he'd wake me up when he wet his diaper, or just for extra pets. 

A few days after having him home and on medication for nerve issues, i swore I saw his tail wag a bit. I told myself it was a fluke, but it kept happening.  Unfortuantely on Tuesday he seemed to be in pain and tried biting me, so we rushed back to the ER... he was the goodest boy for the vets, and didn't try to bite anyone just me.  We put him on hydromorphine to be safe.
Friday we had a therapy consult.  They looked at the x-rays my (now former) primary vet took (the guy who said to euthanize), and she said she saw nothing to indicate that he had any significant issues other than some signs of old age (he's almost 11). He's no longer deep pain negative, and he wags his tail every day.  He still can't walk, so we rented a cart and will probably buy one in the next day or two. There is a chance he may walk again, but even if he doesn't I'm so grateful for the extra time we have, and that he looked at me the way he did to tell me that I needed to stick with him and save him. 

Hug your loved ones, furry and not, life can take a turn even if you aren't expecting it.