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pimp my cheap a$$ pizza

this thread is all about taking that cheap frozen pizza and making it into a master piece.

so ill break the cherry. wal-mart pizza,tomato,extra sharp cheeze,4 jalos,1 ghost,parm in a can,spinach,and homemade chili that has fresh scorps ,habs,jalos,ghost,and cayenne in it.

Siccy, cheapass pizza is in my opinion the perfect vehicle for hot sauce.
And I also 'bleed that pizza is the perfect vehicle for trying out new chiles as well.
No other food rocks it like that.
Step daughter and I sharing a frozen roundys brand frozen pizza. 
My half had fritos, mozz, MOA Bonnets, mushies and red onions doctored on it. Also hit with some Alder smoked crushed moa bonnets and baha goat after the cook


and yes, the fritos was really good on it. Nice and crunchy.