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S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

Well, we are all in a mess, so lets have some fun and learn a few things along the way!  First and foremost might be that...you can make a burrito at home!!!  That's a bit facetious talking to this crowd here on THP, who have some of the maddest cooking skills on the interwhebz. 
SO, lets post what we are cooking at home, what is made from the pantry, what was out of but substituted, all basic cooking skills.....
I'll get it started!
A couple days ago, talking with my son who is now 21 and living on his own for the last 2 years, he said..."I gotta go, Mom, the roasted chicken is done.  We're gonna eat dinner now."  :sniff:  AWW!!!!  I'm a happy mom.....
 Here's what we did for family entertainment last weekend.  We rented Milo and Otis...for the DOG to watch!!!


what's in the meat drawer- pork chops
Pantry- wild rice (doctored up majorly!)
Breading with pantry crackers
tomatoes (cuz that was the best FRESH veg I could come up with.)

I didn't have Panko, so I blitzed some Mary's pepper crackers in the food processor with some flour,  added some spices and pepper powders, dredged the chops in seasoned egg/milk wash and then cracker crumbs.  Pan Fry in cast iron skillet with a bit of oil until golden brown and done.


Rice- Saute rice mix in some butter (ala Rice-A-Roni) until toasty nutty done.  Add water and chicken base/boullion, cook until done.  Key notes!  Use broth as the cooking liquid and saute the rice mix before with butter!  There are lots of quinoa, rice mixes....just don't cook with plain water.  Saute in olive oil/butter or not,  or not, but definitely use seasoning in the water. 

Looks kind of blah, but was really yummy!

next up... Pork, shrimp, LO wild rice-vs-white rice, beans........and andoulle...
share what you got cooking.  Might make this into a competition of who had the best cooking Hack, or best out of nothing dish, to be awarded when all of this shite is over.
and my husband has developed a strange affinity for watching musicals.
Paint Your Wagon
Dirty Dancing (OK...that one's mine... :lol:)
I'm queuing up
Pirates of Penzance,
South Pacific...
and Floyd's final episodes.....

The Hot Pepper

Looks good! Reminds me of when TB put capers in everything he cooked lol. Nothing wrong with that here just flashing back. :D


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Wayyyyy back.in the day...Scoville deville and chile juju came over for dinner. He was making the burger patties and was gobsmacked that I had capers on hand.

And that reference to TB reminds me of Lucky Dogs grilled pineapple. :lol:

The Hot Pepper

LOL yes well the irony is now TB puts pineapple in everything. See if LDHS is using capers. Freaky Friday!

The Hot Pepper



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bob65 said:
I have just spent a week in the bush (social distancing done right).
Lots of this type of cooking. Sorry I didn't take photos but just didn't think of it at the time.
You guys are coming into summertime, make the most of that social distancing requirement and camp as much as you can.  We bought a (new to us) motorhome a year ago with the intention of doinig the snow-bird thing last winter....and then the world shut down.....
the thing hasn't been out of the driveway.......
sicman said:
FreeportBuM that looks amazing,
fify~~~  ;)  I made that freeportBURN mistake for years~~~~  I blame it on the re-wines ;)
Edmick said:
A little more sloppy than intended but I'll take it.
stromboli looks like a pizza pocket on steroids!  I was thinking of that when at the last shopping trip friday.  I didn't' have enough of an idea how to make that and what ingredients to get, but Goggle will be my friend soon!

The Hot Pepper said:
And I highly recommend the chili oil. Made w/thai chilies from south africa.
I get a kick out of things like THAI chiles from SOUTH AFRICA.  I probably shouldn't, considering all the other ingredients from 'wherever' being grown 'wherever'...
Don't mind me, just having a sunday evening re-wine.
Thanks for posting, everyone!  
Looks like I'll be having a few extra days off the job with time for cooking and posting.  Had a close contact last week with someone who tested positive for covid.  I got tested Friday, not with the rapid results testing as I didn't have any symptoms.  So far it's 'no news is good news'.   Sounds like I should be off the job for at least 7 days.
This shit is real, people.  And it just hit right at home.  I'm type 1 diabetic, high risk. 
So... in the mean time...COOK ON!
Tomorrow is some seared scallops, garlic/lemon/caper/butter with angel hair pasta.  I had a bunch of live basil (fresh growing in the plastic sleeve with a plug of mud and water), but within a couple hours of bringing it into the house, it totally died.  I've had those fresh plants before for a couple weeks just fine!  Bummer cuz I was looking forward to the fresh basil in the scallop dish.  :shrug:  whatchagonnado?
BTW....Boss....was that EGGPLANT on that pizza?  Those little cubes of something?

The Hot Pepper

Eggplant on one, olives on one.
The oil is from SA made with Thai chilies. It's not that strange is it? Should it be from Thailand only? lol