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The Last Great Pizza Thread

'Bout time we had a thread for all those that make their own dough and sauce. Too many good cooks on THP to let something as magnificent as that king of foods, pizza go unnoticed on this forum. This thread however comes with some rules to post...

1) Make your own dough and post the recipe. Thin crust. Whole wheat. Foccacia. NY or Chicago style. Naan....your choice!

2) Make your own sauce and post the recipe. Red. White. Olive oil w/ garlic. Whatever gets your mojo workin'!

3) Mandatory that it brings teh heat. Habs. Serrano's. Bhut's. T-Scorps. Fatalli. Hot sauce's and puree's will qualify. Using wimp sauce's such as Tabasco Brand or Franks will
be ridiculed with extreme prejudice and boooooed heavily!

4) Toppings can be anything. Pepperoni. Avocado. Greek olives. Pulled pork. If it came out of the ground or walked, swam or crawled, its all cool and the gang!

5) Bake them in the oven on a sheet pan. In cast iron. A pizza stone. On the grill. Got a wood fired pizza oven? Have mercy!

6) Pics are mandatory! Anyone can talk smack about it but put up or shut up. No pics? It never happened and ridiculing and boooooing will follow. Capiche?

Alright ya'll, lets get it on.....
Last Friday, my son put a little too much garlic powder in the sauce - he was not paying attention to the size of the holes in the lid. Anyway, we doubled the batch by adding more tomatoes and stuck the leftovers in the fridge. Today we used that sauce and wow, it was amazing. I guess garlic powder needs some time to soak into the sauce as it's the same stuff as Friday but tastes so much better.
I chopped a couple Aji Cristal onto this guy. Not nearly hot enough but looks pretty.

Bean crust pizza my awesome wife is killing. Scotch bonnet in the crust then jalos and bananas for toppings. Olives, squash and cheese also with homemade sauce. Amazing, she has really nailed this crust recipe over the last  two years. Lots of attempts which are usually good but the last couple months she has it down. We put sliced provolone on the crust before any other toppings and after the first cook. Just a tip?
When I was a bachelor, my go to cheap and easy , minimum mess pizza hack was pita pizza.

I would keep pack of medium lebanese pita in the freezer , that i would top right from frozen. I would always have cheese, salami, onions, chiles ,anchovies , olives and a squeeze bottle of pizza sauce in the fridge.

A piece of tin foil on the sheet pan and you don't have to wash it and the foil even serves as a plate. ;)
All this time I never even thought of it for some reason! Worked out surprisingly well, nice light crispness on the bread. Didn't go soggy at all as I thought it might.