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I have no earthly idea why I do centuries, especially in this desert heat. I didn't sleep much last night, and said, hey ride early....wrong answer! lol
Finally got the zipp 303's dialed in. The BMC has micro-adjustment screws on the hangers, almost zero clearance for this wide of a rim. First time riding on a dura ace cassette and tubular tires. If I get a flat, I have a long walk home lol. Cheers!


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Nice I'm running 303s on my road bike at the moment. I only use my more aero Reynolds when I'm doing something. You've got to use levers to get the tires seated unless your a gorilla on steroids and it's still not easy. The zipps peel of and seat easy enough. Just did my 126th century a few weeks ago. Picture was only took and sent to a friend that couldn't go because it was hot,ect, ect he's a pussy blah blah, had to rub it in. New tunnel they connected two trails by going under the freeway. Wanted to see it and the only way was by riding 106 miles and I sure wasn't going to drive that far,lol.


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I couldn't squeeze in the trip to Paradise Valley last weekend, but I managed to get out there today. Only my second MTB trip so far this summer :(

The trails were in good shape. Mostly rooty runs of various tech without any serious drops or climbs, but with a decent mix of other stuff, too.


Nice! Dodged a walk home today. went riding on the zipps, went out 5 miles, then turned around, by the end rear tire went flat. Did a water dunk on the valves, the valve extension has bubbles. The bike gods were smiling on me today. Hardest tire I ever put on was on the Zipp 404's, Took 2 of us to seat that bead. I am probably going to sell my 303's (tubular) way too many goat heads around these parts. The time machine is one maintenance intensive bike, for example, you have to remove the crank set to adjust the drive side brake pad lol.

Sweet looking bike Cane! Nice photo with the zipps Sic!
Sad day today, a rider went down as he was doing a transition from dirt to pavement about 10 feet in front of me. He went down hard, oddly enough, there were 3 other riders chatting where the crash occurred, one EMT, One firefighter, and a er nurse. He was taken away in the ambulance. I had to chase down the ambulance because they turned down the wrong street. Guy was riding a Moots 10k bike, the bike didn't take much damage aside from twisting the shifters. I hope he will be OK.


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I've seen some bad injuries from minor falls and minor injuries from bad-looking ones. Hopefully this is the latter and they were just taking precautions until the could fully check him out.

You know the crashes are going to happen if you bike long enough, but it still sucks when they do.