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movies THSC's European Vacation (look out Griswald's)

thanks Every1, yea this time Be hanging round the Local Area But Jette said we will have a bbq or something for the Danish Chilli Dudes as Are a few (Hi Guys) No Probs there

Love to pop down to the Castles and Area and will at some stage and all Over Europe to see Every1 as Id say going back when we set up a Danish section or something Dunno got to get there 1st and will Swim if Have to but thats the Main Priority and May break into a Mills and Boon type Poem in a Min way going as Bit excited, Jette's been away all weekend and Back today so all Happy as just gpot messages from that she's Home and Ok and off to Water as Plants survived but need a water..

awww That's my Girl.. back and Into Plants,, and what lovely Plants they are too awww so greeen and Healthy..(Plant Love) and will have to take Pics when there, and Legoland.. im going to Legoland YAY Its Heaps better than Being 15, don't need Parents and can do what Th f**k i like and not get into trouble, well not much

thanks Dave, if need supplies will give ya a Buzz but somes on way over and enough stuff to Burn Every1 in Denmark,, last 2 bottles Of Skobiyan be there Burning people, Y7 has already gotten a Victim have been Told :D and as What we do, shall continue to Burn As many People as Possible AND now that there are 2 Of Us.. More id say are going to Enjoy it too :D

dunno, will see what my Beautiful Angel has to say when Pops in next, she may Have burnt More whilst Away

38 days to go. and counting



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Just remember when you have run your last race Neil...

when you cross that last finish line, come in sideways on two wheels with a margarita in one hand and a good joint in the other one screaming at the top of your lungs...yeeehaaaawwwww, What a ride

I am proud for you brother...
I'm almost speachless, so luckily all I have to do is type......

And when it comes to typing, I must be top-trained! For quite sometimes now have written (some would say rambled)and read heaps of mails, getting to know this wonderfull crazy man, who will soon be travelling through space and time, to see me!

In the beginning he didn't even know if I was he- or shemale :D But now I guess we don't have to run naked in the streets with flags to tell?!

Neil, can't wait to have you here, doing things together, 'bread on stick'(won't hit you in the head with that :rolleyes: ) F*****g Legoland (you're stuck on that one:), burning people and just being together.

Can we make an agreement? You do the Vegemite & I'll do the Akvavit (that's 'Fire water', will make you dance on the tables - It aaaain't pretty :D )And then we share the Cadbury and the cheese?

Sometimes life just takes some pretty crazy turns, and this time decided not to miss the ride! Even though nobody knows if or where it ends...

And I will do all I can do to prevent you from getting scars of any kind...

And thanks to all of you kind people for the good wishes!
Lucky you were a Shemale or id Probably be dancing to the Scissor Sisters shirtless atm.. Oh i am :D

Dance Break.....Filthy Gorgeous.....Scissor Sisters (its a thing we do here,, its on my Twitter if not heard Bout)

So the Dancing On Tables,, better Have Bandaids ready as that may not end Pretty BUt being a Bandaid Ninja,i can just be Me and not worry bout that stuff now., Bread on Stick will be the New CRaze and People will be beating each other with Bread on Stick all Over the World and Might even be a Bread on Stick World Championship in a Few Years.. have to Make the Bread on Stick Of Your Country, then sit on Slippery Poles And Bread on Stick each Other till 1 falls Off, or Bread Breaks.. YEAAAAAAAA Gold Medal Denmark.......... prob win every Year, Till People from Round the World learn the Proper Bread on Stick making Technique.

SEE what we Do together,, Change the World.. and im Not even there Yet,, Wait till that Happens i can't and the World may Actually Explode from the Happiness i Emit when get there as im about to Explode here (soory Every1 if the World Blows Up)

Cadbury, Cheese and take out to the Plants :D Great to see Ya said Hello tooo and ill keep every1 Posted as we go, And some Vegemite and Cadbury is On the Way so will Definatly Be there, will take Ya Up On That Offer ;)

Take Care Every1,, cya My Danish Angel :dance:
Neil...... sounds like you didn't dodge cupid's arrow, you must have stood there with a bulls eye painted on your forehead, I hope you two hit it off real well
Cool that you chose Scandinavia as your birthdaydestination!
I say that you are so very wellcome up north.:D
I'm from Sweden. Live in the city Gävle that is situated on the east coast north of our capital Stockholm.
Would have been fun to come down to Denmark if i lived closer.

Btw i think you are the biggest reason i got interested in chiligrowing.
It's a bit late to start but i'm prob gonna make an indoor greenhouse with lamps and such(at low cost if possible).
Well you see what you have done to another scandinavian.;)

We have a bloody awsome nature in scandinavia.
If you have the chance just go out in the forest and breathe & listen.

Wanna go to Aussieland someday to check it out but with the Swedish nature & the chicks it's hard to leave.;)

Best of luck & don't forget to have f'''ing great time!:)
I 3rd the good on ya, mate. Love makes the world go round.. i mean ... it makes the Hippy go around the World.. hehe. Peace to both of you and Have a Happy birthday!! Cheers!
Yea JR thought id kicked the shit out of Cupid ages ago and was leaving me alone... Lucky is a Persistent and shot me in the Arse would have seen it coming from the Front and the Awesome Hippy Reflex's would Have prob stopped It if wasn't tripping..

Meatball, im Sooooooooooo coming up that way and we Prob will go wandering In Forests and looking/Listening amongst other things :P got to Love Nature, and the closer to it the Better.. never too late to get things going and with Lights can go all year or start Later, catch up next season and could always bring a Few Chicks from there with You so feels like Home if come for a Holiday, Im sure the Aussie Blokes Wont Mind,, and can Pop down say hi when im there too if get the chance, we won't be going Far this Time BUT a chilli get together be cool as we've already discussed that,, Should come to LegoLand... LegoLand YEAA Crabzilla,, Pirate Land Duplo Land (Big Lego, my fav).. sorrry getting Excited HAHAHAHAHAHA

cheers Benny,, Yes Love Can Make ya do weird things but thats cool, "When the Going gets Weird,, the Weird Turn Pro" And We gonna Have a Hoot, have my "Potting up Bandaid Ninja" going Berserk Plant wise atm 300 Ltrs of Potting Mix today (Thats my Girl) think be Over run with Plants soon and Hope be able to Find when get there as be Plants everywhere..

Going to ring later and hear her Angelic Voice awwww.. 24 More Days and will be there AND COUNTING :woohoo:

Catch Ya's
Ain't this cute?
Chilihead + chilihead = hot love.;)

Yes an official get together would be nice somewhere in future.
I'll never grow up so LegoLand would be a blast.
Maybe i'll start saving some money just in case:)

Don't forget your camera.
wanna see pictures.

Whooo Hooo Made it.... will get some more Pics as Go but here are a Few from Jette's Yard today..

Got the Hose Happening so handwatering can now cut, she's got like 200 plants now Shit..

the Greenhouse

the little Rocoto bed

some Other Plants that will have to make a Bed for whilst here :-)

Denmark is Unreal, although can't understand what people Say (untill tell them i don't speak Dansk) then Ok..
reading Sign's and shit, sucks too but Made it here, so not that Bad and Just Have to ask People and all good.. The People Are Very Friendly and Helpful

Ok got to go and Have dinner :-)
Catch Ya's Later with More Pics...

Legoland,, Legoland..... thats next Week :-)
Triple posting RULES! Glad you got there safe mate, Middelfart huh what a name!
Give Jette a big hug from me brother! :woohoo:
Glad to hear you made it safe and sound Neil. Now quit wasting your time posting here and go get into some mischief! We'll be OK until you get home and start writing the book of your Danish adventures. My best to the both of ya.
Cool you made it dude, sounds like your having a great time too, as expected.

Great last pic. Have fun

Kariong Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy
Välkommen till Skandinavien!
Wellcome to scandinavia!

It's great to se that you made it to Denmark after that long flight.

That is some lovely Growporn there!
200 plants is impressive so hats off for that.;)

Dont forget to just sit & chillax(as the kids say) with a cold Danish brew.
I hope you will have a blast there & don't forget to do the stuff that only a Neil can do..

Peace brotha & again :welcome: .

Btw JSNI i read somewhere a line as follows:
"Between skin & skin there is only light"
The flag is unnecesary but now that you have Neil there the running in the streets naked might happen. :lol:
Having a Blast, went shopping today and heaps funny as all those People that stand there selling products with samples kept pulling me up and starting their spiel and they don't stop till finished, so i stand there looking, waiting and then "um sorry , what was that im Australian and just got here" then they do it again in English, some lady telling me the "you write on" Huge bits of Glass, memo things would go well in Aust, um yes but you going to Pay the Excess Baggage on the Plane ?

then she dropped and Broke 1..... ooops tthats My Trick..

got a Few more pics to upload so will tomorrow,, Legoland on Monday Looks Like :-)