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movies THSC's European Vacation (look out Griswald's)


Having an Absolute Ball and starting to be able to communicate as learning a lil Dansk, can actually go buy stuff now without being Scared..

Jette's getting into the Skobiyan now AND a Vegemite Convert, actually having breakfast now.. Toast and Vegemite/Cheesybite and now making more toast will be Ok for a While as sent supplies Over before i came so shelfs are full, even brought over 1 of Marcels as its my Fave although 1/10 it's Brilliant


Weve been gardening and yesterday went through 800Ltrs of Potting mix transplanting.. had some Space in the Yard so why not Fill it


Sen't Alberte (Jette's Daughter) some Galapagos & Tommy Toe tomato's she's an awesome Gardener already and got them Going, then she Helped and we Made a Bed for them as growing Great


Jette has so many Plants, even had them all through the House.. so Yup, transplant time

took a couple Days But now Gotmost into Pots and a Heap in Ground as well..

heres 1 side of the green house.. a few there


the Other Side, has a Couple too


um the Back of the Greenhouse,,she's Sooo like me and once start it's sort of hard to stop


the Yard looks quite Awesome Now and Filling Up,, THSC Denmark branch :D

even Extended the Herb Garden and Put some Cranberries, Thyme and Others


got some pots on the Balcony



the Window sills still have some as have to have some inside..

And the Greenhouse, Kept the Tomato's and cucumbers in there as doing Fantastic


Other Side..


So Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, Having the Bestest time ever AND so Love it Over here, Went to Legoland on Monday and have 130 + pics in the Camera, forgot to bring a cable for so won't be able to to put any up till get Back BUT funniest thing, got into Legoland and the 1st Ride went on the dude running it "Like your shirt neil" and then met another 3 dudes in there that knew me as well so had an Absolute Blast and next time come over will go again,, have to wear my Legoland Tee next test too :-)

well sun's out so might go mow the Lawn, then tottle off and have a wander and take a Few Pics of round here..

Take Care Every1 and catch's when Doo, Jette say's Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii toooo :-)
:eek: the size of that oil heater in the 3rd pic tells a story....Skobiyan maybe better used in those months. Great to hear you & Jette having a party
Your sposed to replant them back here in Oz not over there, pack her stuff up and bring her home silly billy
Great to hear that things are going well Neil and that she has you working hard ;)
How warm is it there at the moment? The plants in the greenhouse are going off!
Enjoy the rest of your time there.
weathers Great and been in the 20's since been here, shirts been off and got sunburnt... today did um More, getting hassled as suppose to be on Holidays and not Gardening BUT this is what i love doing MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE (Apart from Bonking) so it is a Holiday and having an absolute Blast, Don't want to Leave as never had so much Fun

1st Up.. FOOD, im going to turn into a Blimp the way im Eating as Usually Don't, Eatings Overrated Except when the Foods Brilliant

Brought over a Pasta machine as said would make Pasta for us,, Alberte, Jette's daughter and i made Pasta the Other night, made Fettuccine, Spaghetti and some Pasta sheets for Lasagna, so last night Jette made Sourdough Rolls and whipped up a vege Lasagna,, her Lasagna is legendary was told and YUP..


Then we talked about "Bread on a Stick" for Ages, soo she Made some and we got the Weber going


whack em over hot coals and Da Daaaa, Bread on a Stick..


Just inside as finished tonight's Bread on a Stick, heaps easy and Unreal (i know how to make it now YAY)

OK THAT'S THE fOOD........... Garden time..
We can't help ourselves and have to do garden stuff..

Jette had a watertank thingy, so we attached that to the down pipe (hope don't get into trouble for cutting up the down pipe, should be ok was told)


then decided that needed more Herbs, so thought would Extend the Herb bed more



got some Basil, Coriander, tree basil and some Parsley and whacked them in.. put some Lemongrass at other end
think got enough now


That'll do for the Herbs (but said that Yesterday)
The Greenhouse is Going Great and um that full Again too now

got an upside down tomato thing thats fruiting now


The Tomatillo's are flowering / fruiting tooo


the Tomato's are going Ballistic


so are the Cucumbers...


the otherside has some chilli's and more diff cucumbers (transplanted them after this Pic)


and Now the Greenhouse is um, sort of full again


and the Yard's looking Cool..


Loving it here as can Prob tell...
Potting Mix... here it kicks Arse

100 Ltrs 39 Kroner $7,, in Oz its Like $7 for 25 Ltrs


and found Danish Dynamic Lifter other day, Soo Everythings been Cranked THSC style.


Got Jette's Mower and Mowed the Lawn as after 12 Years of Mowing Lawns professionally sort of have an OCD Thing bout Lawns looking Nice,,Then saw there were a Lot of Pavers on um the Ground, so used some of those to make some Edging as ya do (hope not get into trouble again)


and that should be about it as sort of run out of things for the time being.

So there ya go,, still got few days here left and been to heaps of Places SHOPPING, shit i can let rip with the Visa and as leaving my clothes here (as coming Back) got heaps of room in my bags plus the Pasta Machine and Laptop weighed heaps and they staying so got more room, going out next few days and shopping Again, Love shopping here as Heaps of Cool stuff plus Love meeting people, and really cool as can sort of get by with my crappy Danish that been learning, Plus if get's to hectic can Just go "sorry im From Australia and dunno Dansk yet" and they just go English so all good..

have to come back... it's so nice here Plus got the Most Beautiful Lady to come back too and bring Back to Oz Eventually



Take Care EveryOne... Catch Ya's when back in Oz and will put up some of the Pics got in Camera of Legoland and other stuff as didnt bring the Cable to get pics Out
I'm getting sad for you at the prospect of you leaving! You are going to cry like a little baby, i know i would.

Awesomeness that Jettes' going to spend some time over here in summer, it's bloody freezing here now. Luv ya bro.