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pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

I've enjoyed the sauces from Santa Fe Seasons. Almost out of green Hatch


Now I have a decision to make

Pex Peppers Taco Fuego with 1 tbs of my 1yr old super hot ferment added to a 5oz bottle.

PF Changs Gochujang sauce mixed with my homemade sweet chile sauce for a sweet and spicy.

Lola's Fine hot sauce. All varieties but the green jalapeno. LUV the ghost pepper sauce but its super mild for a ghost sauce.
Okay I know. this barely qualifies as hot sauce. But it's delicious. Even my four year old son loves it.
Just look at it as a 'gateway hot sauce'. When they are 10 years old and taking bottles of hot sauce to school in their backpacks.....Well done!
Oh my! I didnt know that connection to the forum name! xoxo!
I know that story of Nova, freaking awesome to know the next gen name!!! Thanks!

One of Salsakids' buddies also brought a bottle pure evil to school, Despite explicit talking to them about that...sheesh! Kids....
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Here are the Warrantman hot sauces I got sent....seasalt infused with Carolina reaper on the right with the Arson Carolina reaper salt and 4 'cop' themed sauces next to it. A great touch are the little cuffs and I like the wordplay with the sauces....Clearly guilty (for a clear sauce), Homicide hot sauce just sounds great, Suicide hot sauce plays right into the masochistic side of eating hot sauces as does Aggravated assault hot sauce. 😁

The others were on end of year discount from one of the 2 (or 3....they are few) importers of hot sauces in my country, so I bought some to support the guys, 2 brothers from Heatsupply....and support my hot sauce craving of course. 🀣

Almost starting on all the new sauces I have....all for the first time, except for the La Pimenterie Colonel mustard-beer one, I had it before and my son (as myself too) really liked it in particular so I got 2 of those again.

Here's to a hot new year people!!! πŸ‘

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I have been enjoying this, label says 'very hot', Birdseye & Habanero, ingredients reveal Chilli (29%) (Birdseye [1%], Habanero [1%]), it's not very hot but it's well balanced with sugar, tomato, vinegar, onion, apple, garlic, salt, and it's quite delicious.

Chilli sauce.jpg
Not quite sure why it's labeled BBQ.
Probably refers to street BBQ aka...
Hey Way good to see ya! If you're not confident in your own product why should anyone else be?? πŸ”₯β™₯