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favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

I'm hoping to bonsai most if not all my wilds after their second season

The flexousum would be a perfect bonchi I think because it produces so much
Pimienta Trapadiera de Werner,,,Is a Bacc,,I wouldnt consider it a wild by any means

But they are very delicious!!!!

Crunchy and sweet,,,until you get to the center! which is about as hot as cayenne or a good jalapeno!!


Pimenta Trepedeira do Werner it is wild variety,the person by name Werner from Brazil discover this variety years back going true jungle around Amazon basic I was lacky to get some seeds way back gorgeous pepper.
How about Turbocapsicum Anomalum ,,,,I thought I had a shot at em once from a national seedbank,,not to be ! :snooty:

Not many wilds taste good,,I do like Cumari Pollux,,and Tepins..

My Sexy Flexy was the only plant I ever had to survive a winter!!
very pretty plant and throws out pods like crazy, but the peppers do not have any heat!

Sexy Flexy


This thread is starting to make me chub up!!! Wayright,I've seen other shots of that beauty you grew,what did it end up doing it's second year? My flexy is super dark green and starting to branch like a mofo!

standbyandfire, are you opposed to this turning into an all out wild capsicum porn thread???
Any one growing C.buforum or C.ceratocalyx and do you have pic's of pods and plant?

Growing Peruvian Wild (C. sp) next season. Got them to late to start :( . Well he makes the list for 2014. :)

Capsicum parvifolium? :)
Tornado proof C.flexuosum

This thread is awesome. All I have ever grown are boring old chiltepins. I grew one from seed picked from a thicket of plants growing like a hedge in Tucson. That plant survived in a pot for 3 1/2 years. Right now I have seedlings started from a plant found by a river bank in Bastrop, TX. Next year I am going to have to try out some of these more exotic varieties!