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favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

Pr0digal_son said:
Cumari parana
i have a few friends from Parana beautiful flower
Yes it is I planted 2 and 1 came up today

Cool!! Those seeds are strong. I've had 100% germ rate on those. First 2 attempts were a fail but 3rd time was a charm.

Oh and they germinate fast and didn't get a single helmet head either. Enjoy man!

Really nice Guys, I'm in the process of trying to track down some other wilds to add to next years grow, but I have a couple of questions, I found a few Cumari peppers and need a idea just what species they might be.
Cumari Bolinha? Just saw a photo of the plant no close ups and no flowers so I was stuck on this one also Cumari Grande the flower of this is odd as it looks like a white flower with green markings which reminds me of a baccatum but it doesn't look quite like a baccatum flower and then there is Cumari passarinho which has white flowers and green or tan markings hard to tell because the lighting could have changed the color of the makings so I'm stumped to on this one.
the photo's of the flowers and some of the plants come from a old time friend John F. I posted him about them and about some of the other wild species he has grown, but I thought I might ask about them here also.
I am looking for some other wild species and am wondering where I should post a wanted list at?
John F. grew a C. buforum but it may not be the real thing as the flowers don't look right as they look some what like a possible eximium or praetermissum cross or another species, at any rate it doesn't look like the photos at wildchili/pepperfriends
that were taken in the wild.
Also Has anyone talked to Allen Boatmen I lost contact with him after he left the State prison Greenhouse department, If you know please shoot me an email here. I'm trying to get in contact with some of my old pepper friends that I lost contact with.
Poruge Thats a nice Camari what species is that one?
This one is a Praetermissum, Prodigal_Son grew it last year and was kind enough to share some seed with me... You might try Cmpman1974 on getting ahold of Allen Boatmen.
Thanks Portuge I did get ahold of Chris And was very happy to hear that he did have Allens address so I have his addy now.
Chris feels that the Buforum that JF has is a eximium species of some sort, as the flower look more like a eximium than a buforum. It is still a nice variety and could be an unknown variety of eximium or related to it. I haven't heard yet from JF about the varieties of Cumari that he has, I would like to get some seeds of them.