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    wanted Ancient user looking for fresh seeds

    Good luck with the old seeds. I have seen some seeds that old germinate.
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    pests Feeding hornworms, as strange as it may sound...

    I wonder if anyone has tried feeding them to chickens? The other day I fed one to a lizard friend who seemed to enjoy it. Could try a trap crop.
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    fertilizer to the sustainable growers....who fertilizes with their urine?

    I have been curious as to the outcome of any experimentation done.
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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Daydreaming of the garden season to come and all the potential for peppers to snack on. Hope all of you see a great garden in the coming year.
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    favorite Favorite pepper for flavor

    Definitely the Yellow Fatalii for me with their great flavor and aroma, love snacking on them after a meal. 
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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Today I snack with fataliis. Keep it spicy my friends.
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    review Nigel`s New Reviews - 2020 edition

    Glad to see you back at it Nigel. I have greatly enjoyed your reviews.
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    pests Got bugs

    I think those are aphids.
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    Effective gopher control methods?

    The gophers around me would generally open their holes for a relatively short period of time and always come back to close it. Knowing this makes it a little easier to sit and wait for them with a small caliber. Given some patience and time the population can be removed. Perhaps also consider...
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    Unknown little peppers

    This looks a lot like a Goat's weed pepper to me.
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    How old is/was your oldest hot pepper plant?

    I have some Reapers and 7 pots in pots and they are in their fourth year now and will hopefully continue through next year.
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    hobbies GUNS!!!!

    Bulls on parade?
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    What do you use your super hots for?

    I like to eat fresh superhots with some of my meals. Got some Chocolate Scorpions growing this season and have been eating half a pepper at the end of my meals. It is nice getting to taste the various flavors that come with different peppers.
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    Variegated Jalapeno Plant?

    This kind of looks like a Fish pepper. Perhaps it could have been mixed in with the others?
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    Paper Lantern

    Possibly a Bolivian Rainbow?