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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's baby making day :shocked: ! Right now it's a chilly 32F on its way to 60F. Watching the match right now and will cook a big a breakfast after that. Starting seeds this afternoon and running a couple of errands. I've got a pork loin stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese that I'm going to grill this evening. Beverages and such during the grilling and after. Watching another match tonight and maybe Travis Kelce on SNL. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 49F, on its way to 54F. Wind advisory - gusts to 55mph. That makes it pretty chilly out there. Started some seeds yesterday! Will finish today. So I guess the gardening season has officially begun. Harry - is that big breakfast before or after the baby making? Or both? lol. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. Seeds still haven’t sprouted.
Just got a bunch of seeds from Justin, Whites Hot Peppers. He threw in some extras and I’ll have to research what they are. I’m waiting for a couple packs from Jim, Refining Fire Chiles. Both are great guys. Guess my grow will get bigger.

I’m stoked on growing this years theme of MOA Bonnets and variants. Every year I focus on something specific.

Ratatouille, HPS is high pressure sodium. It’s those orangish street lights. They use a ballast. They are great for growing, but they put off a lot of heat and energy consumption. The LED market has come along way. They put off less heat and less energy consumption, as well as the fact that you don’t have to spend the money keeping it cooler in your room. They use a driver for power.
You are correct about the MJ, Cannabis.

Sic, I’m sorry to hear you’re not growing this year. You’re a talented grower. Im sure you have you’re reasons and are way busy working. Do you still have powders for sale? They are top notch. I still have some jalapeño I got from you awhile back. That’s so good! I’ll check out your site. Lasagna sounds good. Since I’m only consuming 800-1200 calories a day. Lol

Tink, you’ll get your tent. Just stay persistent if he says anything but yes. Lol

Cathrinew, have fun at that session. I wish they had something like that out here. Im sure you’ll learn something. Im still educating myself on a living soil. I use compost teas and the plants love it. I use all organic nutrients wether they are raw or liquid. Let me know what you find out.

Harry, you had me rolling. Good luck, with all of it. Lol Loin sounds good.

Downriver, good luck in your grow and stay out of that wind.
Morning my porcelain dolls,

Is there a reason you're not growing this season @sicman? I hope it's just a small break.

@catherinew What did you learn about soil? And, which annuals did you bring home? 😀

@Tinkerbelle How's the badgering going? 🤞

My day started with muscle pain. Especially coming down the stairs. It burns! I kinda like it, but won't be walking down the stairs unnecessary, without a very, very good reason today.

On my list for this morning is some garden work on the allotment. It's cold outside, I can see rainy clouds and inside it's warm and comfy, which may be a good reason to ignore the list. I know, I'm made of sugar.

This afternoon I have my best friend coming over. We have a hike planned and will be seeking shelter in a coffee bar if needed.

Have a warm and cozy Sunday!
Morning all - another frosty start to a sunny day, yep all good. The babies can go out in the greenhouse again this afternoon.
Spent a peaceful yesterday afternoon potting on and feeding the overwintered peppers. I'm happiest with my hands in compost.

@Ratatouille - no badgering, I get my ducks in a row then pounce. So far ducks are not lining up, yet :D
Drink plenty of water and keep moving for the muscle ache.

This morning I shall be clearing branches, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Then lunch, possible nap, then out in the garden again. Can't waste the sunshine.

Have a good Sunday everyone, keep warm, calm and smiley :D
Im not growing because I dont want to. Just dont have any passion for it anymore. Wife keeps the greenhouse for herself and her projects these days. Shade house just stores containers and old memories. Ended up at a car show yesterday we found while driving around. Step dad is in to that stuff. Chilling for the most part as parents are leaving tomorrow. Yall have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's 44F (7C) on its way to 71F (22C). It should be a nice day but a little windy. WX pattern changes tomorrow with rain in the forecast for most of the upcoming week. Yesterday, I started 24 "old school" varieties. They're a mix of very hot and superhot (varieties that we've grown in the past and seem to do well in our raised beds). Now we wait. It will be at least another 1-2 weeks before I start the anuums and tomatoes. Not much happening today. Going to watch some futbol and then probably mess around with seeds. Not sure what's on the menu for this evening. Have a great day! Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 36F, on its way to 61F. Calling for "breezy". We'll see what that means. Finished seed-starting, at least for now. Might head down to the garden this afternoon - dunno. Hope everybody has a peaceful and restful Sunday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. Windy, 22-53F, a good day to check out weeds.
Ratat, the two classes yesterday had substitutes, the one on seed starting had a huge turnout with mostly wanna-be gardeners. They got good info, just not what they really needed. The second class on soil was even worse, the person teaching it was a soil/compost buying agent for the nursery. I had questions no one could answer. But I did but some Fox Farm soil for potting up and compost for daughter’s planters, both on sale, but still way too $$$$.
Sic, I’m sad that you’re not growing, but know the garden is in very good hands. She is one very talented gal.
OCD Chuck, you are doing a great job with your homemade ferts and nutrients for your plants. People think I ‘work’ too much for the plants in the garden. It’s something I enjoy.
Looks like a beautiful day. Enjoy nature and hug a tree. Have a wonderful Sunday.
Good morning.
Got the rest of my seeds in the mail. Yesterday. Seems Jim has moved to Georgia.

I need to trace down a wiring harness issue or ECM(computer) issue in my Honda. I’m not looking forward to it. I think I’ll plant seeds instead and Put of today what can be done tomorrow.

Ratatouille, I enjoyed the Big Umbrella read.
“Jij bent niet van suiker gemaakt”, I like it.

Catherinew, I really found out along time ago that in my container gardening, that making adjustments to the soil in the bugging and maintaining it through out the grow cycle improved the plants tremendously. Same goes with my in ground hoophouse I had. Starting with clay and making something magical. The FoXfarm stuff is good. Not as good as it was 20 years ago. It’s way to expensive.
I buy a bail of peat moss, some compost, perlite and worm castings. I spread it out on a tarp or one of those tiny plastic kid pool. Add some blood meal a tiny bit of bone meal, azomite and spray it down with some compost Tea. Mix it up and let it sit for a couple days. When I plant seedlings the best thing so far for crazy growth and strong roots I’ve found is Mycos. I’ve used the stuff and it works. I’ve done side by side comparisons years ago. Just get a little bit I’m the hole when you plant and get some on the bare roots themselves. Amazing!

Take care everyone.
Morning my fishies,

It's a rainy day today, feels like we're entering autumn.

I'm not even allowed to hide inside today, there's a delivery of compost coming somewhere between 8 this morning and 8 this evening... It will be delivered at the beginning of the allotment complex and I need to carry it (with a wheelbarrow) to the other side of the complex. It's a good thing that it's only two big bags. That's two cubic meters. (Or 70.6 cubic feet?) Let's hope the deliver early in the day and not later. 🤞

Has anyone started tomatoes yet? I'm going strong and postponing. But there's an itch for sure.

Hope you all have a rainless Monday!
Morning chilli people - another Monday has come around.
Cold and frosty out there, hopefully it'll warm up for this afternoon and the peppers can go out again.
Ironing this a.m. :( and work this afternoon :D

I've been thinking about tomatoes @Ratatouille but am getting the peppers sorted first.
Have fun with your bags of compost, I did mine last Thursday - muscles on muscles :lol:

Have a good Monday, keep warm, calm and smiley :D
Catherine the gardens are going strong, the wife gets joy out of them and it shows. Full day of work need to leave house by 7. Parents will be leaving shortly after to Columbus Georgia for the night then back home to TN the following day. We had a great visit. 64 on its way to 87. Have a wonderful day and good morning.

It's currently 51°F (11°C) with a high of 60°F (16°C) for today. My leg is finally feeling better and because of that, I was finally able to get some seeds started (Purple Gator Jigsaw, and some Moneymaker Tomatoes) inside my grow tent. Also, had to remove and plant some pups from my Agave Tequilana.
Good morning. It's 55F (13C) on its way to 63F (17C). After today, it looks like we'll return to the 40s (4C-9C) for the foreseeable future. Ratty - I'll start our tomatoes next weekend along with the annuums. Targeted plant out is 5-6 May (depending on the WX). They grow so fast and get too tall under the lights if I start them sooner. Full meeting schedule today. Hopeful to re-retire by the end of the March :pray:. Mexican food this evening. Beverages and such later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 23-47F, still winter. Monday errands, coffee group, dog, same ole, same ole. Waiting for a few peppers to sprout or I’ll reseed in a couple of weeks. I don’t start tomatoes until April 1, like Harry said, they get too leggy when they grow too fast. Even the cooler basement doesn’t slow them down. Our plant out date is closer to May 25 as we’ve had snow for 2 years near May 20.
Got daughter interested in Clarkson’s Farm, so I started watching a few chapters again. Entertainment.
Have a wonderful Monday. Enjoy family and nature, and stay healthy.
Good morning. It's sunny and 40F, on its way to 62F. Should be a pretty day. Jury duty postponed another week. Just when I thought I was done starting seeds, Seedtrain B rolled in. What was I thinking. Have a few errands to run, then maybe go down to the garden for some fun. Today is margarita Monday, so there's something to do later, ha. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. Coffee first and we’ll see.

I think I’m going to try and diagnose that short or ecm issue on my car. It s nothing that will irritate the knee. I have have the probes and such. I knees to fix this. Can’t afford to have someone else do it for me right now.

Same with Tomato’s. They get way to tall if I start now. I don’t know if I’ll plant them this year. Maybe a cherry variety. The others I can buy from local farms for practically nothing for canning salsa. I use the space for peppers and herbs. I always have basil, thyme and dill. I also have radishes and bunching onions. They grow quick. I take a chance with Super hots. Some years I get a bunch and others I get nothing. Depends on the weather. The heat either causes blossom drop or the cold comes to early.

Take care everyone and enjoy.
Morning all,

I'm still ignoring the tomato seeds that are calling me. I'm planning on sowing them the weekend after this weekend. If the pressure gets to real, I'll pop some more peas in the griund or something.

Today is gym day. It'll be leg day and with a good reason: my arms are like spaghetti from all the wheelbarrow fun yesterday. Then after the gym, I'll have some more compost waiting for me. I've a quarter of the original compost mountain left I think.

It's a rainy day, so I'm already thinking about a hot, warm bath before bed.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks!
Morning all - hello Tuesday. Rain forecast for today.
Work all day today, yes out in the rain - who cares :lol:
Not much else planned.
So have a good Tuesday, keep warm, dry, calm and smiley :D

Have fun at the gym @Ratatouille - although with all that compost moving doesn't sound like you need a work out as well.
Not long before we can start tomatoes, stay strong!