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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's 35F on its way to 46F. Maybe no rain for a change. The time change has me a bit frustrated. Last night, got home late from the match. A couple of cocktails after that and now this morning, I'm a bit fuzzy too. A big breakfast and gallons of coffee should cure that. Started 54 annuums yesterday .... I've got a few more to start today. Tomatoes next weekend. Watching the matches in a bit. After that, I've got some office work and then I need to finalize my tomato grow list. Have a great Sunday. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 25-42F and miserable. Daylight Saving Time should be abolished. Nothing much planned for the afternoon, maybe more winter kill cleaning. @Ratat, we will be waiting for your vacation plans to meet up. OCD Chuck is about 4 hours from us, a beautiful drive in the summer.
Time to get cracking with this loss of sleep.
Have a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy the day with family and friends.
It's overcast and 36F, on it's way to nowhere. Snow, heavy at times, is the forecast. No accumulation. Huh? @sicman - great news about Carol. I'm sure she's ready to get home. Anyway, not much planned for today. Peppers are popping....a lot. I need to finalize the tomato list as well. @Harry_Dangler anything you're partial to? Maybe it'll be something new for us to try. Anybody else got a favorite or two? Hope everybody has a peaceful, and restful, Sunday. Good Morning!
Good morning. Glad everyone is doing well.

Still on the diet. 1500 calories is my max. I usually consume around 800-1200. Veggies, some fruits and protein. Lost 10lbs the past couple weeks. Hoping more weight loss will do my knee good. As well as pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m 6’1 and 241lbs. Need to lose 20+ more lbs. Then, I’ll build muscles back.

Catherine, That sounds like a good plan. I don’t go to Denver very often. The next time I do, we should meet up have coffee and see the community garden or something. We get sick of sitting around here. We usually decide to take a trip to Denver and see the zoo, art museum and history museum. It never gets old. I prefer the museums to the zoo. I always feel sorry for the animals at the zoo. Just me.

As far as canning goes, no apocalyptic in the forecast. But, you would think so with the lack of supplies at times. I live in the western side of Colorado. Lots of farming and ranching spread out. These little towns have always canned. It’s a way of life. I’m sure the new generation isn’t doing it. Come warmer months and it’s hard to find stuff. Every once in awhile I’ll see some new supplies on Facebook marketplace. Other than that I’m looking for deals now. I like to can salsa. I usually buy the produce at the stores when there is a deal. Then I add some of my own heat. Keeps me busy. Later in the season I buy tomatoes from small farms. Way cheaper and tastes better than the store. They even sell jalapeños, Serranos, Barker and poblano’s by the basket. I don’t grow any of those anymore. To cheap to buy and pick yourself.

Today we might go to the movies. I need some labels for the peppers. I had some popsicle sticks I bought. But they keep wanting to mold. I slacked the. In some vinegar as well. Need to get some plastic ones.

Smoked ribs today. Lazy day.

Enjoy the rest of your day, all.
Morning sweet peas,

@OCD Chilehead I scourge our local Craigslist for canning supplies as well. Love it when I find those old glass WECK containers. I use those for water bath canning. For pressure canning I like the Ball jars, but they're less common in The Netherlands and rather expensive because they're imported I think.

@Downriver here's a tomato tip, I was told White tomesol is really tasty. Growing it for the first time, so it's only hearsay for now, but it sounds promising.

It's cloudy today, but at least it's not freezing anymore. It's supposed to get stormy the coming days. Let's hope everything stays put on the allotment.

And it's Monday, I'm off to work again. A busy week, so I need to slide right back into the work vibe. I could have used another week of not-work. Maybe I should plan a long weekend end of April?

Morning coffee is waiting says the mister. That's my call. 👋
Morning all - another Monday hits us in the face like a wet fish.
Storms and rain promised for this afternoon so I shall be having a day off today.
I need to check on the soaking pepper seeds and see if they're ready to go into a pot. Also make a list of tomatoes I want to grow.
And that's about it for today, course if the storm doesn't turn up then I'll be at work.
Have a good Monday, keep warm, dry, calm and smiley :lol:

ETA. Just been down the garden and there's a lot of tweeting and chirruping, the summer migratory birds are starting to arrive
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Good morning. It's 27F (-3C) on its way to 39F (4C). There's a bunch of the "signs of spring" but it's still cold here.
@Downriver: Here's a few tomatoes we like and have done well in our raised beds .... Kansas Depression, Cleota Pink, Cow's Tit, Olive Hill, Buckeye State, Shimblenk, Polish, Purple Dog Creek, Grandma Oliver's Chocolate, Brunette, Pink Ponderosa, Brandywine Sudduth's, Summer Cider, Prairie Star.
@Ratty: We've grown White Tomesol and we liked it. It was fairly productive too .... lots of baseball sized mild white tomatoes. My seeds were from Renaissance Farms.
@OCD: Good on your weight loss 6'1" 241lbs .... I'm 6'1" and try to stay around 190lbs .... it's good for my knees.
This will be a short work week as I'm going to work only a few hours on Thursday and Friday. Working from the home office today. Plenty of meetings on the schedule until 1700. Not much else is going on ..... I need to see some pepper babies poppin' soon. Seafood boil this evening and beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 32F, on its way to 47F. Showers off and on today. Not a particularly nice day to be outside, but need to run a few errands. Then home and chill. Thanks for the tomato tips Ratat and Harry. I've grown a few of those Harry. I'll look at the others. A white tomato sounds...different, but why not, lol? Anyway, hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. 23-52F. Looks like typical weather for the week so I’ll be cleaning up more of the flower debris. Some are still covered with crusty snow near the house. Monday errands, coffee group, garden. Looks like a lazy day. I need to get ready to plant broccoli, find the peas, and plant them soon, maybe a bit of lettuce. It’s still cold in the mornings.
Have a great Monday, everyone. Stay healthy.
Good morning.

Have some seeds popping. Just transferring them to another dome. Maybe some soil making. I don’t think I’m there yet. I need to get some more supplies.

Have my woozy bottles. So I may make some hot sauce this week.

Harry, I have a big frame. Once I’m down to about 210, I’m pretty skinny. I’m trying not to lose muscle weight in the fat loss process. I need to start doing more weight training. I’ll get there.

Enjoy the day, it’s almost Friday.
Morning squeaky peeps,

Another work day. We will be having lunch with the team outdoors today, to celebrate the ten-year work anniversary of one of the team members. Quite impressive! (The anniversary, not so much the lunch, that's just nice.)

Nothing exciting planned for the rest of the day, other than a lot of meetings.

Still waiting for spring.

Have a lovely day!
Morning chilli heads - the good news is, we survived Monday :D
Here comes a very gusty, windy, wet Tuesday and I'm going to be out in it, all day.
Too mild for thermals and fisherman gear - hmmm maybe bin liners to keep me dry.
Started off some more seeds yesterday *cough* - I could be overdoing it this year, but then again no one ever complained about having too many chilli peppers, except Skullbiker :lol:
Have a good one today, keep warm, dry, calm and smiley :D
Have to go to our biggest account and check up on a few things. I have a couple branches I need to drop so I dont hit my head while mowing this summer. Property looks like a park and Im pretty proud of it. 52 on its way to 71, cold front hitting us the next few days. No humidity and windy so its real cold for us swamp dwellers. Yall have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's18F (-8C) on its way to 49F (9C). A cold and frosty morning. Drove to the office. Full schedule until 1500. Forgot to check on the starts this morning. Hopefully, by the time I get home this afternoon there will be some poppin' going on. I've got a few colder weather veggies also starting in the basement. Waiting another month for the other cool weather veggies that are direct sow. It's going to be a full garden this year (the plan has all 37 raised beds being full). Less peppers (less than 60 plants) and tomatoes (less than 30 plants) than most years but lots of other stuff that we haven't grown in a few years. Not sure what's on the tonight's menu. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 32F, on its way to 40F. Wind advisory with damaging winds to 40mph today. Windchill is 25F. Yuck. AND, I gotta run to the P.O. today. Bummer. Anyway, after all that excitement, I think I'll just chill, lol. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe, and warm, out there.
Good morning. A warm front for a few days, 32-59F. I have no excuse to get out and putter in the garden. Just wish the snow would totally melt. Meeting this AM, dog, visit the CG and clean the iris. Also check out the garlic. Harry, sounds like you will have a huge garden this year. What’s new?
Have a great day. Stay safe and healthy.
In plan this year are things like Sweet Corn, Bush Green Beans, Beets, Peas and Egg Plant. We only grow these every few years for canning/freezing. Also, taking another shot at Spinach which does not do well in our garden. Chard, Broccoli and Sunflowers are back in the rotation too. We're also going heavy on the potatoes and onions this year. My wife asked for zucchini and cucumbers this year but I don't want to deal with the squash bugs and we do not spray chemicals. Looks like the Farmer's Market for those.
Morning all,

Ready for work again. Today will be a day long meeting. Let's hope I can keep my attention span nice and taut... 🤞

Before I hit the road, I'll go and vote for our water council and provincial elections. I'm really curious to see what the results will be, I think there might be some shifts.

Have a good Wednesday. Remember, It's almost Thursday and Friday is around the corner, so it's practically weekend already.