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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. A bit cold, 19-36 F with that snow still here. I can’t imagine how the flooded people can even think about growing food. Maybe Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm will grow it all (!).
Coffee group and a few errands, then potting up a tray or so of peppers. They are beginning to get crowded. Glad to hear your peppers survived the move, Tinkerbelle.
Have a wonderful day. Stay warm and healthy. Pay it forward.
Good morning. It's overcast and 54F, on its way to 60F. Chance of showers. I was hoping to do some work in the garden today, but won't be able to with the rain. Mom enjoyed the BBQ'd chicken. The BBQ sauce is a family recipe from her side of the family, dating back easily over 100 years. Still plan on making the cabbage roll soup this afternoon. Hope everybody has a freaky fun Friday. Be safe out there. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

EDIT: @Ratatouille, this is the recipe I'm going to try for Cabbage Roll Soup.
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Good morning. I’m in the deprived sleep catagory as well. What the heck?

Coffee, check on starts, nice long walk to the park, maybe get my bicycle out of the enclosed trailer.

We had consistent rain a couple days ago for about 24 hrs. No snow! Woo hoo! I’m done with that white stuff.

Ordered some more seeds. 🤪 I know, but there is this growdown thing for the longest Jalapeños. I also managed to add some more Habanero and scorch varieties to the cart. 😂
Sowing more today. I’m not giving anything away. I use to, but they all die. I’m actually going to try and start a couple flats of Serrano, Jalapeños, habaneros and sell locally. Maybe that will pay for my supplies.

Have great day and Happy St Patty day!
Good morning birdies!

I'm on the way to my mums house for a thorough cleaning and doing some small repairs. If I'm fast, I'll do some sowing later this afternoon. I still have plenty that needs to get in soil.

Yesterday was wonderful. I got to give my friend some plants, but also met the husband of another good friend at the event I was. He got some plants as well. The remaining pepper babies were gone in minutes when I offered them to a group of strangers. The seed I brought found new homes as well. Unfortunately, I brought a lot back home. Some seeds, two overwintered Physalis peruviana, two overwintered Sea Orache, five 7 gallon pots and maybe something else I forgot. I will be rethinking my garden planning. 🤣

Have a wonderful Saturday!
Morning all the weekend is upon us and the Spring Solstice 2 days away - yipppeee
Not sure what I'm up to today, seed phase 4 is already under way. Better think about tomato seeds.
And Wales vs France 6 Nations is on this afternoon, do I really want to see Wales hammered?
Have a good Saturday, keep dry, warm, calm and smiley :D
Good morning. It's cold! It's 17F (-8C) on its way to 28F (-2C) with light snow. Watching the matches this morning; then starting tomatoes and a few more annuums this afternoon. Grilling burgers this evening. Another match tonight. Beverages and such later on. Be safe, be blessed and be good. S.M.I.L.E.
Good morning. 18-40F, waiting for that blanket of snow on the lawn to be gone. Ratat and Tinker, when do you usually plant your gardens outside? I’m thinking you’re a lot earlier than I am. My seed swap seeds are finally in the mail, so I’ll have to re-think the garden spaces again.
A bit of shopping this morning, mix some soil later for peppers. Spring is just around the corner.
Have a wonderful day. Pay it forward. Stay healthy.
Good morning. It's sunny and 38F, on its way to 48F. Should be a pretty day, albeit cool. Have some errands to run today, then stop over for a visit with the family. Then home and maybe watch some Carnival Row this evening. The Cabbage Roll Soup was good! Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there.
Morning all,

Got some bread yesterday at some kind of bread baking wizard (a bakery instead of the supermarket) and my breakfast today is worth a Michelin star. Good bread makes so much difference.

My night was quite eventful. I had a vivid dream about floods, people trying to escape the area and me not being able to find my cat. Horrible. I'm sure the rest of the day will be rather bleak in comparison. As a Sunday should be.

Might go to the allotment later today, but only after a really sloooooow start of the day.

Have an uneventful Sunday all!
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Morning all - Sunday is here and Spring is just a hiccup away - the weather is not looking for the next week or so - rain, rain, rain
Not much planned for today, eat, sleep repeat.
Vivid dreams tend to affect your whole day - shake it off Ratat, go plant something - if you've got anything left to plant that is :lol:
And that's it for today.
Have a good Sunday, keep calm, warm, dry and smiley :D
Good morning. It's 15F (-9C) on its way to 44F (7C). Our high won't reach Sicman's low! It is indeed Spring. Started all the tomatoes yesterday. That was a few hours of work. Going to start broccoli today. Next up Eggplant and Okra starting indoors in a couple of weeks. Potatoes, onions, spinach, lettuce, carrots and radishes get started outside in the next 2 weeks. My chinenses have been slow to germinate this year but seem to be starting in earnest the last few days. I've got the trays on thermostatically controlled heat mats with domes. Probably old seeds. Watching the early match and then I'll cook a big breakfast. Watching some more matches and probably some March Madness later on. Might sneak in a haircut/shave this afternoon. Not sure what's on this evening's menu. I think I heard the lovely Mrs. D. mention chipotle meatballs and rice. Be safe and be good.
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Good morning. 22-52F, with the sun pretending it’s warm. Birthday lunch for the kids’ birthdays, bringing grow light set up for DIL’s attempt at growing deer and dog resistant flowers. Here’s hoping she will get excited about gardening and start food in pots someday. Nothing much planned after that, make sure the pepper babies are doing OK.
Have a great day. Take it easy and stay healthy.
Good morning. It's sunny and 27F, on its way to 40F. Supposed to be breezy today. Sounds cool enough not to go outside today, ha. Good on ya Harry for getting your tomato seeds started. Maybe I'll work on that today. Hope everybody has a peaceful and restful Sunday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. It’s been in the mid 50’s. I mowed the lawn and saved the clippings. Going to be doing composting this year. Also did some other yard workS place looks great!

I’m the mean time, I have to go get a yard or so of compost. I’m going to till the ground and start a in ground garden. Im a container gardener, I make my own mixes, but I miss my 20x12 ft hoophouse. Sold that house and sadly the hoophouse and the soil I’ve been working for the past 12 years went with it. So it’s time to start a new patch.

I’ll tune the rototiller up today. And need to find a belt for my gas powered mulcher. Suppose to get 50% snow showers Tuesday.

Have a great day
Morning poppies,

We're starting over again. New Monday, new beginning. Although I wish I could fast-forward to Thursday or even better, to those long summer evenings. ☀️

But that's not going to happen. So I'm doing my usual round: seedling gawking, coffee, commute, work, dinner, sleep.

It's 6°C today and it will be raining. I'm putting my hopes on tomorrow.

Be safe, be well, tackle this Monday!
Morning all - Spring is here, you can tell because it's rather chilly outside baby!
Should be a cold, sunny Monday - I can handle that.
Washing to do, bit of work, play with seed babies and sproutlings.
Have a good Monday, keep warm, calm, dry and smiley :D