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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. Noisy wind last night brought us more cold temps, 23-36F w/a doubtful chance of snow. I spent most of yesterday going through the new seeds and finally reworked most of the gardens with their new additions. Very different from the proposed earlier plan. Same # of plants, more varieties. I’m hoping to start tomatoes on April 1 or 2.
Ratat, you are very lucky to have free compost every year. We can pick up wood chips I May, but I’d rather have the good stuff. :cool:
Hugs to your friend, Chuck. Sadness is very difficult to mend. Just be positive.
Have a wonderful day. Keep the blues away. Plant some flowers for this summer.
So this is what is going on up the road - luckily it's about 5 km (3miles) from us, we've had protesters walking through our commune all day, most of them are peaceful but then you get this
Morning all!

@Tinkerbelle I read about the protest and the clashes in your area on a Dutch news site. It also got mentioned as a news item on the telly. It looks quite harsh. Hope you're not affected to much.

This weekend is no potato weekend. That is for sure. We have some night frost coming apparently and I don't want them to freeze in the wet clay. I'm putting it on my to do list for next weekend.

No sun today, but lots of rain, wind and maybe a bit of thunder. I wanted to work on my IBC water collection solution today, but that might not be the right task for this weekend either. I need to replace the gutter on my little shed at the allotment and connect it to the IBC, then connect the one IBC to another IBC. With the weather forecast of the coming two weeks, I should have done this sooner. 😀

No idea what to do today, other than cook and clean. Any tips to fill this Sunday are welcome.

Have a lovely day!
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Morning all - we're safe and sound. Lots of bangs out there and police and wagons zooming past the house overnight.
I'm hoping the worst of it is over. There were so many people come for the protest. Most were elderly or young families waving flags and one guy wandering along playing a tuba. There's always hooligans coming looking for a fight.
Hopefully our little quiet, calm commune can go back to its sleepy ways.

I'm discombobulated over losing an hour already. Today will be grab an extra hour somewhere day :lol:

Not much planned as it's going to be wet and windy out there. I did get the tomato seeds planted yesterday. Need to check on the babies in the greenhouse and repot a couple.

Lunch, then MotoGP for this afternoon and probably a nap as we didn't get much sleep last night.

Have a peaceful Sunday, keep calm, dry, warm and smiley :D and stay away from those molotov cocktails :lol:
Good morning. It's 35F (2C) on its way to 48F (9C). It should be sunny with a cold northwest wind. Overall, yesterday was not a good day for my local sports teams. All losers. Apparently the water heater went out when I was at the match. Flooded part of the basement. Now I've got to replace that! But that's nothing ..... I saw pictures of the storm devastation in Mississippi. That's just sickening. So for today ..... replace the water heater, play in the grow room and then maybe get my hair cut (I still haven't been able to get it cut). Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Frost and a chilly 18-38F, hardly a Spring day. Guess it’s time to pot up the chile babies as they’re slow to grow and doing OK. At least I’ll get the stuff ready for that. I emailed the potential new gardeners in the CG, but have heard nothing. Some may not be happy. It’s such a small area, enough for most people.
Have a wonderful day. Nice to see you here, jgundo. Stay safe and healthy.
Good morning. It's sunny and 52F, on its way to 68F. Unlike everybody else I guess, today should be a beautiful day! Nothing planned for today, but I'm thinking I gotta go outside and do something, lol. Will find out tonight if jury duty is a go for Thursday. Hope everybody has a restful and peaceful Sunday. Be safe out there.
Good morning.

I see water being an issue world wide. Here in the states they have told the western states to cut back. The government has intervened. They said if all the states from Midwest to west cut back 50%, it still wouldn’t be enough to supply Nevada and California. To may people and they keep building more and more housing. Water is going to get expensive. Most places you can’t even put up a rain barrel. That water on your roof is spoken for. We passed a law here in Colorado making it legal up to so many square feet. Before that it was illegal to collect rain water. I could go on and on. I won’t. Lol

Need to make a list as everyone else. I use numbering spread sheet. It’s easier to label with numbers than weight the individual names.

I have more seeds arriving any day. And then I’m done. I swear. I promise. You know what they say about promises though. Found a place to get food grade 5 gallon and one gallon bucket. With sealed lids! 1 dollar each! I talked with another outfit and they say the use a bucket every 2 days. They are free and will save them up for me. I think it’s time to make my SIP systems.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy. And thank you all for the support of my friend.

Daylight saving time had me snoozing this morning, but now that I'm up, all is good. Can't say the one hour jetlag has me cornered. I mean, more light at the end of the day, what's not to like?

It's work again today. No seedlings to play with, but colleagues to talk with. Which can be nice as well.

Weather today is quite boring, even though it's 'the best' day of the week in comparison.


I hope the start of the week treats you well.
Morning all - another Monday comes around and weather is turning colder for a while.
All quiet here yesterday, the protesters have gone and we can go back to having a calm life.
Potting up this a.m., some of them sproutlings are getting big. Work this afty with the lovely Angus.

Yep Chuck water is a commodity now. Who knew? Sounds extreme not to be able to collect rainwater.

Have a good Monday, keep calm, warm, dry and smiley :D
Good morning. 22F and snowing. March is supposedly our snowiest months, so we will take it at the end of the month this year. Monday errands, the dog, and pot up a few peppers until the dirt runs out. I need to pick up more potting soil anyway. Our weather looks dreary for the next week, too.
Have a great day and send some ☀️ our way. Stay safe and healthy.
Good morning. It 29F (-2C) on its way to 50F (10C). Similar WX to Ratty's. Working from the basement office until mid-day. Looks like 4 meetings on today's schedule. Cutting back on the work hours now that my boss has returned from his medical. After my meetings, doing more cleanup from the water heater flood episode. Wife has some running to do this evening so I expect it will be leftovers for me! That's about it. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Sunny and 52F, on its way to 65F. Calling for a shower or two this morning, but I'm not seeing it. Pretty day yesterday. Got a row prepped for snap peas. Will soak and plant in the next few days hopefully. Need to dig out the seedling pots and fill with potting mix. Pepper transplanting is moving up the list. Next possible jury duty date is Thursday. Call and find out Wednesday night. Today is Margarita Monday. It could happen 🙂. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there.
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Good morning.
Been looking at seeds waiting for them to sprout all morning. Lol. I’m having a terrible time with seeds this year. I’ve germinated 1,000’s in my lifetime. I’ve been questioning my methods. Trying new things. Im just scratching my head now. Oh well. I’ll take what I can get.

Taking boy to practice run a couple errands and that’s it.
Morning all!

Some days I feel like I would be am amazing pensionado. I mean, I love my work, but I would be REALLY good in spending all my time either in the garden or with seedlings, drinking a cup of tea and then more seedlings.

It's not my reality for a few years. So I'm off to work today. 🙃 (And thankful for that.) I donhope tomorrow is a bit more exciting, if only to have something to write down here.

Enjoy your day, be happy, be bold!
Morning all - so we survived the dreaded Monday and here is lovely Tuesday.
Work all day for me and it's the enjoyable kind of work :D
Then home to sort out peppers, which seem to be taking over my life.

Thoughts and love go to Nashville, what an evil thing to do.

Have a good Tuesday, keep safe, hug your loved ones and smile even though the world is a shitty place sometimes :D