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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's 29F on its way to 60F. Should be a great day. Too bad I'll be working in the basement office most of the day. Full day of meetings (8 on the schedule). Done by 1600. Not much else is going on. This evening's menu is unclear. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 31-52F, guessing we’ll have this sort of colder temps for Spring. Windy, too cold to get outside and garden. Monday errands, coffee group, same ole Start of the week. Yesterday’s birthday lunch was pretty good - mostly younger people eating healthy food! Then we stopped for ice cream, which is always excellent. Good to see the family.
Have a great Monday. Stay safe and healthy for the gardening season.
Good morning. It's sunny and 31F, on its way to 52F. Should be a nice, cool day. Forecast is 60 or so for the next week. Hoping to get some things done outside then. One of the 100% indoor cats decided it was time to execute his Great Escape Plan this morning. As a result, we spent 30 minutes cat herding. He eventually figured out the Great Outdoors weren't all that and decided to return to the safety of The Bighouse, lol. Still haven't gotten to planting tomato seeds yet. Maybe soon, ha. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there.
Morning sleepy heads and early risers,

Are we still doing that thing where we have horrible nights together? I just had one. It would soften my yawns if I know I was in good company.

Started the day with a visit to the attic, looking at my babies. I think I need to give a higher dose of fertilizer, some leaves were a bit yellow. Other than that, they were looking nifty.

It's grey outside, drizzling rain. Coldish. NO FUN. Right, of to work, come back home, do some cooking, eating and sleeping. I feel like a broken record sometimes. I'll find the groove again, but maybe not today.

Dance the day away!
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Morning chickens - work today, light showers this a.m. and sun this afty. That'll do for me.
Pepper babies doing well. Yes I bill and coo at them every morning and evening.
Sorry to hear you had a bad night again Ratat, no chance of a snooze in the stationery cupboard?
Have a good Tuesday keep calm, warm, dry and smiley :D
Good morning. It's 41F (5C) on its way to 50F (10C). Rainy and windy. It's been a very warm and wet the past few weeks. It should be good for morel mushroom hunting in a couple of weeks and if the lakes are full, it should be good spring fishing. Drove into the office this morning. Full meeting schedule (10 meetings on the schedule). Looks like I'm here until 1600. Checked on the pepper babies this morning. They're styling under the lights .... all 1.5" of them. Not sure what my lovely bride has in store for tonight's menu. On the way home this afternoon, I need to stop by the liquor store for some supplies. My sister texted me last night (she lives on the road just to the west of me) to tell me her husband is back in the hospital .... maybe another heart attack. I noticed yesterday that I've got some raised bed repairs to make before plant out (I better get with it). My work boss has started to return to action after being out on medical .... that means maybe I can start winding it down. I have a meeting with him this morning to discuss. I think that's all the excitement I can handle for now. Be safe, be blessed and be good.
Good morning. The weather forecast is for a warm 60F so I’d better spread a little happiness on the garlic at the CG. It will be nice to enjoy a bit of warmth before the rains possibly come. Only a few errands this AM, then out to the CG. Hoping the swap seeds arrive today or tomorrow so I can finalize which tomatoes to plant. I don’t like being in limbo.
It looks like a beautiful day ahead. Savor what you have and enjoy nature’s beauty.
Stay safe and healthy, and have a great day.
Good morning.
We had rain yesterday with a dusting of snow last night.
28 Low, High 40 Fahrenheit
-2 Low, High 4.4 Celsius

More seeds to sow. This is getting out of control quickly!

Going to get fishing gear out. I have a bunch of fly gear. I didn’t have much time last year to practice with my mom being so ill. Felt guilty about going fishing while she was in hospital. So I didn’t go fishing. But, Spring is here and I’m ready to enjoy the outdoors!

Question? I have a garlic bulb, that I trimmed the tops and sprouted roots in a cup of water. Picture is after 3 days. It’s starting to grow roots and the bulbs are sprouting tops. Can I plant them in containers and expect a harvest? I know I should plant in the Fall, but could this work? I also took all me green onions bottoms and re-planted, they are doing great after two weeks. Brand new plants!

Christmas cactus is blooming again! I read they like cooler temps. So I put near a cool sliding glass door with limited light. Never had one bloom twice.

Have a great day!


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Good morning. It's sunny and 33F, on its way to 61F. Should be a pretty day. Taking Buddy to the vet today. He's developed a few "lumps", so we thought we'd get them checked out. Of course, he weighs 25lb (11kg), so it could just be fat, ha. Then home and hopefully down to the garden. Hope everybody has a fantastic Tuesday. Be safe out there.
Question? I have a garlic bulb, that I trimmed the tops and sprouted roots in a cup of water. Picture is after 3 days. It’s starting to grow roots and the bulbs are sprouting tops. Can I plant them in containers and expect a harvest? I know I should plant in the Fall, but could this work?
Plant them! They will give a harvest, it'll just be smaller. (Do you have room for the garlic bulb though? 😇)
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Good morning my lovelies,

Mr. Ratat and I checked in at The Attic tonight. In other words, we slept in the (guest) bed next to the grow tent. Because we can. We were woken up by the fans going full force at six this morning. I can definitely recommend.

To make the day even better, I have a full program for a Wednesday. Starting of with a quick visit to my GP, then work, gym and dentist before I head home again for a late dinner. I'm going places. ;)

If all goes well, I'll get some strawberries (bare roots) plants delivered today to fill in the holes in my strawberry patch. (I'll make Mr. Ratat work from home, don't want to miss this delivery!) It's a variety I had my eyes on for.a while. This Friday I want to plant them out, together with the early potatoes. Till then they'll have to wait in the fridge.

Have a fruity and colorful Wednesday! And for those living in winter time, enjoy it while it lasts, from Monday we will have to get up an hour early.
Morning chickens - Hump Day is here.
No work for me today I am having lunch with ma bitches, it is Indian on the menu :dance:

Maybe a bill and coo at the baby sproutlings, maybe a quick re-pot so I pitch up with soil under my fingernails and mud on my knees showing what a badass gardener I am, possibly a few more seeds to start for friends (yes really! definitely no more for me).

And that's it, nothing else planned, no work, nope nuffink.

Have a good Wednesday, keep warm, dry, calm and smiley :D
Good morning. 30-48F, with drizzle rain this afternoon. Some fertilizer got thrown on the garlic and irises at home. I hope that cheers the flowers until I can divide them this summer. I still have lots to clean up in the flowers, but the wind has been a bit cold to enjoy that chore.
Have a wonderful day ahead. Stay safe and healthy.
Good morning!

Snow showers today. Not cold enough to stick. Another gloomy day. I want Sic’s weather! EDIT: I was wrong. 3in in 1hour.

Doctor today. They’ll probably shoot my knee with steroids. If that doesn’t help they will get another MRI. I reinjured it awhile back. Steroids are not a long term solution. You would think they would have got a MRI to compare so I would have an educated treatment plan. Been doing physical therapy for ages now. Injured the knee 7 months ago!!! They already said I probably need a new meniscus and there are fragments in the knee. Oh well.

Have a great day. Stay warm or stay cool if you in Sic’s neck of the woods.


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Good morning. It's cloudy and 50F, on its way to 58F. Heading over to Mom's to sit with her while my brother takes sister to the airport. She's heading home today. Gotta run. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. It's 50F (10C) on its way to 74F (23C). Yep. 74. Maybe lay-out and catch some rays this afternoon :shocked:! Working from the home office today. My schedule is fairly empty .... only 5 meetings today. Not much else is going on. I asked the boss about this evening's menu but I already forgot what she said. The pepper babies are looking great but still a couple of weeks away from transplanting into 3.5" pots. Be safe and be good.
Good morning!

Working from home today. Strawberries are in the fridge, begging me to plant them. They'll have to wait another day, I'm fully focused on work. Or trying to. I might take a coffee break to do an extra seedling check. Because I'm weak-willed.

After work, I want to set up the second plastic tunnel in the garage window sill. I need to dig it up,.it's still in one of the boxes stored in the attics attic. (We have a small attic where we store stuff, in the nook of our regular attic.)

The tunnel will be used to grow veggies that can't stand frost, but could use a head start for the season. We still have a chance for night frost till May 15th and the unprotected seedlings in the garage will get cold. The tunnel gives just the right amount of protection for this.

Keep on sowing peeps! Enjoy the Thursday and remember it's almost Friday!