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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Morning all!

I'm humgry for chips now. Thanks @jgundo. I'll have some dumplings on the side with that @Tinkerbelle. A true breakfast of champions. 😎

Today is (surprise, surprise) a rainy day. But look at Monday, with max temperatures of 10 °C (50 F). That's our idea of a 10 (grading the weather on a scale of 1 - 10).


I better get out the sunscreen. 😉

Doing some chores today. Groceries, cleaning, paying bills, sending out some postcards and so on. If I'm feeling brave, I'll repot a house plant and my wasabi.

Go out and dance in the rain. Happy Friday!


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Morning all - wet, windy and stormy today. A day for staying indoors - nah, I'm going out in it, I may even dance @Ratatouille
Work this afternoon maybe, depends on the weather.
If not I'm going to pot up some more peppers. Possibly bake some cakes for the shop.
I ate far too many dumplings and everything else on offer yesterday, probably won't need feeding for a few days :lol:
On the plus side it's nearly the weekend.
Have a good Friday, stay warm, dry, healthy and smile - regardless of the weather :D
Morning everyone!
Coming at you from "sunny" England today. Partner's gone down to the office today, I'm at home with the cat and his father who's visiting for the morning. Something about spending quality time getting to know his probable daughter in law, heh. Partner came in second for his big bicycle race over the weekend and the photos just came out of finish line celebrations:
Hope your wife heals up jgundo. Trimming our hedges today and working a little in the barn. Maybe one yard to mow as dude waters. All of central Florida is in a severe drought, we need some rain. Wife is going to hang out with Carol for a bit. Have a great day and good morning. Simcows what was the race? Grats.
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Good morning. It's 65F (18C) on its way to 75F (24C). Very high winds (40mph sustained with gusts to 65mph), very high fire danger and severe storms are expected to roll through this afternoon. Typical Kansas Spring day. Not officially working today. Getting my haircut and working on re-pots. My long awaited Chinense starts .... the ones I started almost a month ago .... all decided to sprout when I wasn't paying attention. I had given up on them and restarted the lot. Looks like it just took longer than normal. Now I'm inundated with starts. I had around 40% yield until I looked this morning. Looks to be 80%+ now. Now I've got ~200 repots to do this weekend. That's all I've got going on today. Grilling this evening and beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 26-63F, with those horrific winds. I met with a new gardener who was helping another last summer. They live in an apt. so grew plants on a small balcony. Super excited and already she has 3 trays of 72 plants sprouted. The 20’x20’ plot may get crowded. Just have fun. Coffee group and a few errands, then outside to enjoy nature before the winds return this afternoon.
Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and S.M.I.L.E.


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Good morning. It's cloudy and 38F, on its way to 61F. Supposed to start raining in a bit and rain all day. Great. A few errands to run, then home and chill. Hope everybody has a freaky good Friday. Be safe, and dry, out there.
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OCD Chilehead

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Good morning.

Definitely not Spring here. Snowing right now. Yuck! Can’t wait for global warming to kick in here.

Been up early planting seeds that sprout and such. By the time I’m done, it’s afternoon. A lot of seeds not sprouting. Abandoned a few varieties. I’ll start a few more that I want to grow. Disappointing really.

My son has a track meet tomorrow. Ordered some smaller pots to pot up in. Not looking forward to that. 😂 That’s what is in store for tomorrow. Working on the Honda today. I hope I get it figured out. This electrical is questioning my abilities right now.

No biking or long walks until the insurance oks the new mri for the knee. Stuck inside and bored to death. Got offered a job, but can’t take it until this stupid knee thing is done. Oh well.

Have a great day!
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@catherinew don't you just love how stoked people can get about gardening? That new gardener you met, I already like her.

We have a visit to my mother-in-law planned amd some more grocery shopping. The young one wanted to do a thorough check up of her pepper plants, so that's on the to do list as well.

Today will be mostly spend inside, making up for that tomorrow.


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Morning all - happy Saturday is here - not that happy it's going to pour with rain all day, least that wind has dropped.
I'm going to make Banana Ketchup this a.m., it sounds like something I would like.
I was given a bag of Birds Eye peppers on Thursday so they'll be dissected for seeds and put in the ketchup.
Suppose I better go and check on the no-shows in the greenhouse *sigh*
MotoGP qualifying to watch this evening.
And that's it, my day planned.
Have a good Saturday keep warm, dry, calm and smiley :D


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Good morning. It's overcast and 62F, on its way to 76F. Harry and Catherine's wind is now here. A thunderstorm this morning, then winds 30mph with gusts to 58mph. Hold on to your hats! Think we'll be staying inside today. Hope we don't lose power. Probably work on up-potting some peppers today. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there.


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Good morning. It's 36 on its way to 59. The wind howled all night long. Today is not as nice as yesterday ..... kind of cool and still under a wind advisory until mid morning but it doesn't seem as windy as it was a few hours ago. Watching the early match, then breakfast, then re-potting. Grilling this evening. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Typical spring weather without the horrific winds. Two fires started yesterday on opposite ends of the city - one was a few miles from the house, with lots of evacuations, and debris everywhere. I’m hoping this will not be the norm this year. We almost have fires because of the dryness.
Today the wind has traveled East - be careful as we had gusts up to 79mph.
Tomato seeds get planted today - no April Fool. I like to plant on ‘holidays’ so I can remember for the next year. Not too many will be planted, just enough for us, a couple of friends, and one swap. I’m trying a few new black varieties and trusted older ones. We shall see. Here’s hoping for a better harvest than last year. Tinker - please send us a bit of your rain!
Happy Saturday. Enjoy your weekend and share the time with family and friends. Stay safe.


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Morning chickens - Sunday is here, which means sleep, read, eat, a bit of potting on and MotoGP - get in!
I would love to send you rain Catherine, our driveway had a permanent river runs through it yesterday and there's more rain promised for this afternoon. Once it starts it doesn't remember how to stop.
All the tomato seeds popped, got a fair few varieties going for this year. Two friends and I splurged on a dozen packets of seeds and split them between us so we could try new stuff. Shame they're not as much into peppers as I am :lol:
Have a peaceful Sunday, keep warm, dry, fire-free, calm and smile :D
Good morning. 38-64F and dry. We will definitely take some rain, Tinker. Thanks. At least we aren’t in ‘tornado alley’ where there’s so much destruction every year it seems.
Chuck, how did your son fare at the competition? We were rooting for him.
Finished planting tomatoes and a few borage, with a bit of help from a nosy cat. She kept trying to take the dirt out of the cells while I was busy elsewhere. Hubby finally put her outside until I finished.
Have a wonderful Sunday. It looks like a beautiful day to enjoy. Stay safe and fire free.


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Good morning. Happy national peanut butter and jelly day! We were fortunate with Friday's storm as the nearest tornados developed to the north and east of us. Bracing for more severe WX this week. It's 44F (7C) on its way to 77F (25C). Hope to finish re-potting today. My wife will help. She does the separating and labeling; I do the actual re-potting. Watching futbol now. Got out some ribeyes to grill this evening. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.