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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Off to mow but I believe most stops will be very short as we need rain ,BAD. Buddy is pulling his camper here and crashing for the night then we are riding out at the Green Swamp in the morning. Me and dude have done several big rides together so we have a special bond that you can only get after multiple days of wanting to kill each other,lol. Yall behave and have a great day. Good morning.
Good morning. It's 36F (2C) on its way to 51F (11C). Mostly cloudy. Rained again last night. Looking forward to returning to semi-retirement. Ramping down my work hours to half of what they were last week and then the plan is to cut by half again next week. Got 5 meetings on today's schedule. I should be done by 1500. Need to start transplanting annuum and tomato seedlings to 3.5" pots (I'm thinking Thursday) .... those suckers grow soooooo fast. Nothing else is on the schedule. Still working through the water heater fiasco. Apparently we've got very high water pressure and the water heater pressure relief doesn't like it so much. Need to get this issue resolved today. That's about it. Grilling this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Sunny and 16F, with a promise of 60s for the weekend. That would be nice. Snow then predicted for Tuesday, Wednesday. Roller coaster weather. Meeting this morning, then I’m trading pints of my pickled beets for a friends ‘torn out’ bricks that I can use at the CG. The ground is still frozen, so I have time to clean off the cement - maybe. I may need help with this chore. Potted up peppers until I ran out of dirt - another trip to the nursery.
Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and healthy for this upcoming garden season.
Good morning. It's sunny and 49F, on its way to 57F. Cooler today, but it should still be nice. Freezing temps the next two nights so I'll way to plant the sugar snap peas until Thursday/Friday. Probably head down the garden and do more row prep this afternoon. Got a text msg from the Clerk of the Court yesterday saying the jury trial for Thursday is canceled and my jury duty is complete - thank you for your service. Well, guess I'm done for now. I've been "on-call" for three months and never had to report once. Sometimes it was a PITA, but all-in-all, I didn't mind. Plus, it's our civic duty. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there.
Good morning.

Enjoy your ride, Sic. Hoping for rain.

Cathrine, have fun with the bricks. If you have a rock pick or masons hammer it’s not bad. Or harbor freight masons chisel and a good hammer. https://www.harborfreight.com/hand-...hisels/stone-masons-big-head-chisel-6758.html

Just got done planting some germs. Need to pot up about 30 plants today. I think. 🤔
I may have found the problem with seeds not germinating. I found one of my controllers for the heat mat, reads higher. About 2.5 degrees. I hope it is that. Never had such a problem with germination. Questioning my existence right about now. Hooking up my pump and air stones for my Aerogardens and setting up compost tea reservoir.

No more PT until I get a second MRI. This should have been done back in January when I re-injured my knee. Waiting for approval. Appointment is Mid April. Good grief!

Cold, ten degrees below freezing this morning when I headed out. YUCK!!!
Reading my books on Compost, Compost Tea and Soil biology. Good day to educate myself some more. Great books !!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy life. I will smile. 😊
Morning sweeties,

It's Wednesday again already. What's up with the days going by so quickly?

I was just now staring at my babies, trying to come up with a plan on how to make sure they all get what they deserve. A long and fulfilling life. If I am being realistic, I need to give up more of them for adoption. 🥺

In The Netherlands we have Koningsdag on April 27th. On this day we celebrate the king's birthday by dressing up in orange clothes and the country somehow transforms into one big flea market from the wee early hours of the day. It's weird and sometimes even wonderful.

Koningsdag is the one day per year that the public can set up shop on the streets without a trading license. Traditionally in the days running up to Koningsdag, people section off areas on pavements with chalk or tape and mark them with the word bezet, or occupied. To the uninitiated, these markings in chalk or tape may appear to be some kind of bizarre crop circles – but in fact, they’re necessary if you want to sell items on King’s Day, as you must mark out your territory well in advance.

I just might set up a pepper plant shop for that day. I'll give myself a month to get used to this idea.

Right. Enough with the big ideas. I need to pet the cat, drink my morning coffee and chat with Mr. Ratat to really start the day.

Keep on dancing and smiling this Wednesday!
Morning all - hump day and March is nearly done.
As it's going to be warm and sunny today it's a day for outdoors. So that's where I'll be.
Got potting up to do and some more tidying of the hedge trimmings before the grass grows over them.

That sounds like a good idea @Ratatouille - my spares are going to the charity shop to raise money for rescue associations.
I'm going to let them fly free and hope that someone else will love them as much as I do :lol:

And that's it for today, be warm, calm, dry and smiley and yes, dance :D
Great time last night, probably hung over. Another buddy of ours we call meatball is riding today also. He is a Tampa cop and we really pick on him,lol. Him his wife and Amanda Coker also came over last night and cooked out with us. She isnt allowed on todays ride as she becomes a bully and no one is needing that this morning,lol. Chilling and relaxing this evening, Have a great day and good morning.
Good morning. It's partly sunny and 31F, on its way to 58F. Should be another ok day. Got the tomato seeds started yesterday. Need to replant a few pepper no-shows today. Then errands to run. Hopefully, I'll have some time to hit the garden this afternoon. Sounds like you had a great time last night Sic. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. It's 30F (-1C) on its way to 60 (16C). Should be a very nice day. Finally got our water problems resolved .... nice to have hot water again. You don't realize how much we take stuff like "hot water" for granted until you don't have it. Working until midafternoon. Need to pot up a bunch of seedlings but I think that's got to wait until Saturday. It's interesting. I had no local interest in my plants 1 month ago .... now, most everybody I know is asking if I'll have extras. I guess everybody has got the "fever". Lemon chicken for dinner. Beverages after that. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Warmer 26-52F and windy.
Ratat, your April holiday sounds like a great time to sell plants and help gardeners at the same time. Go for it.
Tinker, same for you. Your rescue organizations will be blessed with your help.
Looks like a pretty nice weekend coming up. I am hoping to finally plant peas, but the ground has either stayed frozen or had a blanket of snow. If not, there’s always May.
Have a wonderful day. Take time for friends, family, and yourself. S.M.I.L.E.

It's 37°F / 3°C with a high of 59°F / 15°C.

Doc appt in a little while and later today, I need to up pot the tomato and pepper seedlings.

I'm going to do a test for this season. Instead of constantly up potting... they go straight into their final pots with a layer of ferts just below the roots, and half to three quarters of the way down the pot. It should work out the way it does in my head.

Don't cause any safety briefings.
Morning fiery people,

Is it spring yet? I think we're set for a week or two of rain and more grey clouds still. I am sure there's a warmer spell around the corner. It can't keep raining, right? Can't wait to have those sunny days where we can sit and eat outside in the evenings. 😍

Today I have a meeting in an industrial part of the Rotterdam port. It's so surreal driving through that area. Miles and miles of containers, ships as big as (I dunno) thousand elephants, mountains of raw materials and lots of metal contructions. I'm always impressed by the shear immensity of it all. The best part is driving home and seeing the opposite if this, nature, looming in the distance.

We have a friend coming over for dinner today. I'm making flammkuchen with a big-ass salad on the side.

Be safe, be happy and enjoy the day!
Morning chickens - here comes Thursday with its whiff of weekend.
I have a day out today, Mr Tink is taking me to the big city and I shall playing in the Asian shop stocking up on sauces and spices and seeing what's in the fresh vegetable section, then we're going to lunch at one of those all you can eat Asian buffets - I am a sucker for nems and dumplings.
So I shall come home looking like a dumpling. Hopefully they'll have some chilli peppers that I haven't seen or heard of before.
Have a great Thursday, anyone want a doggy bag? Be calm, be cool, be healthy and smile :D
Good morning. It's 45F (7C) on its way to 66 (19C). Another nice day. Driving to the office in a bit. Working until late afternoon. Grilling some pork chops this evening. Beverages after that. Re-potting tomorrow. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. I’ve finished potting up the peppers, and will share some with a teller at the bank who can finish growing them. Too often the ‘I want’ people have no grow lights so the spares get crowded. Time to get the tomatoes ready to be planted. Time to check out what’s popped up at the CG and maybe figure out where to plant what.
Have a wonderful day. The weekend is almost here with warmer days. Push the clouds away and S.M.I.L.E.
Good late morning to you all, i just got home from Job #2, Wife is doing a little better today with her concussion, Think I will hang out around the house the rest of the day, Do some up potting, Do some watering, Just getting a few of the things done... OH yea It's FIsh and Chips night... yummy!!