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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Morning all - it's a wet Thursday, there's a whiff of weekend in the air.
I shall be out potting up the next lot of sproutlings.
A trip to the recycling unit and builders yard is on the cards for this afternoon, you can't say I don't get any excitement.
Not much else planned for today, maybe some paperwork stuff.
Had a great lunch yesterday, introduced the waiters to my chilli pickle :lol:
And that's all she wrote.
Have a good Thursday, keep warm, dry, calm and smiley and may all your seeds germinate :D
Good morning. Happy Friday Eve. It's currently 48F (9C) on its way to nowhere. We had a really nice yesterday but today is back to normal. Drove into the office this morning. Probably work here until noonish. Planning to stop by the liquor store and the "builder's yard" on the way back home. I've got to pick up 2x6s for raised bed repairs and some pea gravel for the garden walkways. I was checking out the front yard on my way out this morning and noticed there's some areas that need mowing. I'd sure hate to start mowing before April .... therefore, I won't :)! I need to take a peek at the seed trays I started over the past weekend to see if anything has emerged. BIL is scheduled for triple bypass .... not sure when. The doctors don't seem to be in a hurry. This weekend will be ours for the grand-kiddos and that will keep us busy. I've got to get out to the barn to do some cleaning and organizing too. I was out there yesterday and the barn's a mess. Lots of rain and cool WX in the short/mid term forecast. Leftover chipotle meatballs and rice for dinner. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 55F, on its way to 76F. It's gonna be damn near balmy out there! Digging out the shorts and heading to the garden in a bit. Pork chops on the grill this evening. Was at the "builder's yard" a few days ago and the garden section was EMPTY. Not one plant to be found. No flowers, no veggies....nothing. I guess it's still Winter, ha. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there.
Good morning. It’s still winter weather here, 27-45F, but no snow. At one of the local nurseries, they had out petunias and bulbs for sale with rows of empty tables. We’re all impatient this year. I blame the Covid isolation for this.
Lunch with friends today, trying out a ‘newer’ restaurant. Maybe taking one of the gals shopping at a mall afterwards. Nothing much planned for today in the garden. The wind has been fiercely cold.
Have a wonderful Spring day. Help others and save time for yourself.
Good morning.

Have around 40 sprouts. Just a guess. And another 50 or so that haven’t come up yet.
100+ seeds germinating in bags and cups. I’m trying to find the best way to germinate. Oh ve had success with both ways, but this year has not been so good. I have a feeling I’ve went overboard as usual. 🙄 I’m going to sell most of them. Probably try and keep around 50- 60 plants.

Snow melted yesterday and today sunshine.
43F (6C) for the high.

Have a great day.
Morning lovelies,

It's a sloooooow start today. I can't quite get myself going yet and the cat is reaping the benefits of this, sitting on my lap, enjoying the bonus time.

If I find my on switch, the plan for today is to get the early potatoes in the ground, as well as a few new strawberry roots. I probably also need to put up some structures for beans, pumpkins and so on.

There are enough other tasks and ideas for the garden. I'll think about them while I drink my tea.

Enjoy your Friday!
Morning all - lovely Friday is here and it's starting to smell strongly of weekend.
We are once again under the dome - another weekend of protests against the super reservoir which is being built about 5 km from us.
Quite honestly it's an excuse for non-local protesters to have a weekend of drink, drugs and fights against the gendarmes and riot police.
Plus an excuse for me to leer at men in uniform :lol:
Hopefully they'll let me out to go to work this afternoon.
Anyway have a good Friday, keep warm, dry, safe and smiley :D

Oh and more importantly, my new grow lights should be set up today.
Good morning. It's 37 (3C) on its way to 49 (9C). Watched the KSU vs MSU basketball game last night .... what a great game! Looks to be another cold, gray and rainy day. Working from the home office today. Not sure how long I will choose to work .... probably until mid afternoon. The grand-kiddos will be here this evening through the weekend. The WX is too shitty to do anything outside. It seems like when the WX is nice it's too muddy and the rest of the time it rains! Probably work my way through the list of what's sprouted and what hasn't and see if I need to restart anything. I've got (2) 72 cell trays and (3) 36 cell trays that are now off the heat mats and under the lights. It should be more than enough .... unless some of my favorites are in the no-shows. Not sure what's on this evening's menu with the kiddos being here. I think the boss said that I'll be grilling sausages and hot dogs. Beverages later on. Got a slab and a smallish butt rubbed for smoking tomorrow :shocked: . Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Still too cold for garden work, but at least the sun is shining. Coffee group, then we’re helping a friend move boxes and a bit of furniture to her new apartment. Other furniture will go to ARC, though I’m not lifting any of that. After that hubby is taking the gal we pick up for coffee, to the casinos for her birthday. I’m staying home with the cat and seeds. The seeds finally came yesterday, so I need to rethink which tomatoes to plant. Such a debacle.
Have a wonderful day. Be kind to your plants and hug a tree.
Good morning. It's drizzling and 52F, on its way to nowhere. Made it down to the garden yesterday. Got the row of blueberries weeded, fertilized and mulched. They're ready to go. Next up is the row of blackberries/raspberries. My back is killing me, but it was nice to have shorts on again, lol. I even cracked a little sweat. Beautiful day, albeit the only one in the near future. Probably spend some time in the grow room today. Hope everybody has a fantastic Friday. Keep safe out there.
Good morning.

Don’t you all work to hard.

Hope your back feels better Downriver.

I need to make a list of what has sprouted as well. Maybe update the glog. Still waiting for jalapeño seeds for the grow down. Don’t know if I’ll participate if they don’t come soon. Have a few more varieties to germinate.

Talked with a friend last night. Sounds a bit down. I’ll be hanging out with him Monday. I’m a little worried. I’m sure it’s nothing though. He doesn’t do good with gloomy weather.

41 today. Need Spring to Sprung.

Have a great day.
Morning my fluffy clouds,

@OCD Chilehead Hooe your friend is alright. Even if it's just a small weather dip, it's comforting to have friends caring for you.

@Downriver Thanks for making me feel lazy. 😉

My potato planting plans for yesterday were just that, plans. Just when I was finally ready to go out, it started raining. Thunder and all. I spend my day in the garage, rearranging things, setting up the second tunnel (I have one for my peppers and the other for tomatoes as I like tweaking the temp to their liking.) I have a third area in this window sill for the seedlings that are getting light, but no heat. The window sill on the other side of the garage is for shade loving plants. It took a lot of my tetris skills to rearrange, put the right saucers under pots and find domes to fit the oddly shaped pots. Then it took all my concentration to not push all the pots of the windowsill (just a few). Somehow I made the electricity (so many plugs!) of heat mats, grow lights, fans and timers work again.

I also potted up my Brugmansia cuttings that I kept in water all winter.


It might have been raining, but it was a productive day still.

Today I'm scoring free compost. It's national compost day and people get to collect three bags of compost at the municipality as a thank you for separating their waste. It's three bags of compost per car. So Mr. Ratat has been kindly asked to drive with me, in his own car.

Have a sunny, rainy or cloudy Saturday and enjoy it any way you want.
Morning all - the lovely weekend is here even though it's going to rain constantly, don't care I don't have to go out in it.
Lots of gardening and seed stuff planned for today and I've MotoGP qualifying to watch this afternoon - blissssss.
We're still barricaded in or should I say the rest of the world is barricaded out. No problems with protesters so far, we can only hope that the rain will keep them away.
Mr Tinks is making sausage rolls for tonight so no cooking for me today.

Hope your friend feels better OCD, nothing worse than the blues.

Nice plants Ratat.

Have a good Saturday, keep warm, calm, dry and smiley :D
Good morning. It's 38F on its way to 60F. Gray and dreary. Yesterday, took an inventory of what started and what didn't. A few of my favorites didn't start so I got up early this morning and started another tray including some new additions :banghead::crazy:. I'll be messing around in the grow room this morning and later on I'm heading up to the city for tonight's match. The grandkids are here keeping us busy too. That's about it. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's raining and 42F, on its way to 72F. Supposed to have showers all day. At least it will be warm, ha. Not much planned today. Gonna do what Harry did and inventory seedlings. Will restart the no-shows. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there.