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    trade Rocato or Locato (buy or trade)

    I am trying to growing Rocoto/Rococco in northern Wi for the last 4 years an have not had much luck. Few pods and not productive even when it is a vigorous plant. I think they need something special. My soil is basic and I add acid so maybe it needs more acid,   Do not really know but the ones I...
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    heat Extracts: Advanced Home Techniques

    ya---I saw it---increase  the  capsaicin  content  (6.1-924.9%)---it is BS---Think about it----the peppers are all reported to have about 4% Capsaicin so that number is obviously crap. You would have have a pepper that was half Capsaicin if that number was true. It was a typo---should be 9.2 and...
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    heat Extracts: Advanced Home Techniques

    I was surprised that this was reported---maybe the oxygen was responsible for the loss of capsaicin because I dry my peppers in the a little trailer in at 90F and with a full load of peppers in the dryer of 11 sq ft area and I only smell the Capsaicin for the first couple of days and it is not...
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    heat Extracts: Advanced Home Techniques

    The half-life of capsaicin is 2.3 to 4.1 minutes. There is nothing that good scientists won't quantify!   They killed mice;rats;hamsters; and rabbits by injecting or coating them with Capsaicin. The author of the study, T. Glinsukon, concluded that the acute toxicity of capsaicinoids as a food...
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    harvesting How do you use your harvest?

    I freeze them; Dry them and powder them; and pickle them and make salsa out of them. Of course I eat them and stuff them and frie them and boil them and make hot salt out of them. Did I forget anything? Oh ya I Ferment them Enjoy---Pepper---do them all the way you can
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    Happy B-Day J.Delaney

    Truly a point man in the preservation and distribution of peppers.   many happy more!!!!!!!!!
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    wanted Looking for C.Flexuosum Seeds

    I forget who but someone in the Netherlands does lots of wild pepper seed and plants. If you search c.flexuosum and netherland pepper you might find something. I did the search and this is what I found: Advances in Chromatin Research and Application: 2013 Edition...
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    vendor The cleanest garden in the world

    Who's garden is that you ask?   Dshlogg's I say   Why you ask? look at this pics of peppers (if you have trouble seeing them let me know please) {I am done with photobucket cause there are terribly slow and buggy)  ...
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    "Fish Pepper"?

    I too grew them last year and agree with smokemasters excellent evaluation.   However mine were not as sharply colored as the example above. There were just slightly white and green striped with a light difference in the striping.
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    trade Mass Spectrum Botanicals ready to trade for 'everything'

     Great list of plants. Do you have pics of the THAI HOT (Capsicum annuum) and the  VIET NAM (Capsicum annuum)? I am trying to figure out what type we have here at our farm market and would appreciate any pics you have of these two, Also do you have any comments on the heat and flavor of these 2...
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    The Really Cool Rocopica

    Wonderful review---you are one of the best
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    Starting a Lacto starter

    Sugar is always a good idea---everybody likes to consume it. I think you should do fine.   But like Rocketman says WRT beer wort starter it would be better with a starter that the bacteria are grown in and eat---Like milk.   I would throw in some full fat milk in a solution and compare how it does.
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    Comparison review; Cheiro roxa, Fidalgo roxa and CGN21500

    As usual - a great review. Makes me want to run out to Allentown PA and grab some seeds----but I do think I want to try that 21500 for sure. I am a woose when it comes to chopping them. Pepperoncini is my chopping pepper, Well thanks again
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    Abnormally hot Jalapeño

    Happy to see a budding pepper head always---good for you to plant them and grow them no matter what they are. And thanks for asking for feedback on your peppers---that is what we are here for.
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    vendor Bulk Fresh Peppers in the Winter

    I agree with Nigel---I have 2 freezers full of peppers and tomatoes and make my salsa's all year long no problem. The only thing that happens when you freeze peppers is they get soft and that does not harm the taste at all.