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A completely different grow. Six plants: 2 each of First Prize and Better Boy, one apiece of Goliath and Celebrity. I did not record when I sowed the seeds, (stupid!) but they were transplanted to 3" containers on Christmas. They are now in 7-gallon pots under a 400 watt HPS system. Hopefully, will get pics tomorrow when there is something besides artificial light in the room. Mike
Been growing peppers off and on -depending where I live for maybe like thirteen years. Did a bit of vocational horticulture school, but I screwed off more than anything so I really don't remember a lot of it. Right now I'm growing in closets and my garage under lights, in containers and in the ground outside, and getting ready to start up my various hydro systems. I'm kind of an undisciplined grower. Kind of lazy sometimes. If I was more on it, I'm sure my production would be better. I spend a lot of $ and time amending soil, messing around with fertilizers and such but am easily sidetracked and I don't always do things the right way. Sometimes my gardening sessions rapidly deteriorate into drinking beer outside and killing the...
Well, I woke up this morning and to my surprise, I have my first sprouts of the season!(orange habs) I will throw up some pics after the weekend is hopes I will have quite a few more by then....YAY!:onfire:
After reading several other threads, I started getting nervous. I figured if Patrick was starting already, I'd better get my backside in gear. After growing the standard first timers peppers last year, I decided it was time to branch out a bit this year. My list so far includes: Bhut Jolokia Bih Jolokia Trinidad Scorpion 7 Pot Fatalli Caribbean Red Yellow Hab Orange Hab Large Peach Hab Peach Hab Golden Cayenne Long Red Cayenne Lemon Drop Serrano Biker Billy Jalapeno Mucho Nacho Jalapeno Aji Panca Put Gochu Orange Thai I'm trying Jiffy pellets on a heat mat for germination. Seems a little more regulated and is working better than last year.
I've been sucking valuable info off of this forum for some time now, so it's time to say thanks to everyone for answering all the questions I never had to ask! Back to the subject at hand... how can I go back to dirt now that I've done hydro? Haha. I decided a few months back being an extremely long winter here in Canada to try my hand at hydro, just to see if it was all that it was cracked up to be. The project started near the middle of November '09. I was going to try DWC but then the guy at the hydro store convinced me try the continuous drip feed system that they sell. He claimed it was less effort of watching water levels and such. I guess I was easily convinced, as well they had a nice little Thai pepper plant run on that system...
We were hoping to have 1000+ plants this season - but have fallen well short and lost a heap to various factors. We have around 150 plants. Its still early in the season, but here is what is growing: 7 POD " Brain strain " 7 POD " douglah " 7 POD " red " 7 POD " yellow" 7 POD " Cardi yellow" 7 POD " Barrackapore " Bhut Jolokia Bhut Jolokia "chocolate" Bih Birdseye - African Bonda Ma Jacques Buldog Hungarian CAP 1117 CAP 1118 CAP 582 CAYENNES CO 1403 Corno De Torro Rosso Dedo De Moca Devils Tounge Dorset Naga Fatalii HABANERO " Caribbean " HABANERO " orange superhot " HABANERO " magnum" HABANERO " Trinidad Congo" HABANERO " yellow" HABANERO " chocolate " HABANERO " pastel " Hot Lemon Aji JALAPENO Jalapeno OLE Billy Biker Jalapeno...
I'm getting an early start this year in hopes of having plants ready to pollinate & set before it gets too hot. I'll be starting a new tray of pellets today. Seedlings grow slowly this time of year as it's getting fairly cold at night, so need to start bringing them in now. I don't have any ground, so all will be in pots. Too bad I can't let them root thru the pots into the ground like AJ. But I may set each pot on a tray of dirt this year to facilitate drainage with some wick type action. Grow List: From Cappy - ....Brain Strain, 5 of 12 sprouted, this week I will start the other 12 ....Yellow Scorpion, 10 of 1st 12, doing well so I need to start 2nd 12 ....Mustard Hab, 9 of 1st 12 - most robust of the group ....Big Sun...
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o9VURytpoM This is just of the front yard, got some more out the back, might make up another video tonight which would be a lot shorter.
I've started on my second season and have "transplanted" eight plants so far: 3 Legend, 3 Mira, a Siletz and a Sacramento. Discovered that delivering too much air to a bucket of water is not good for plants - they were wilting. Turned the pump off and they have perked up a bunch. I have no idea how many plants I can cram into the GH - somewhere between 39 and 51 - only time will tell. The plants so far: Three Mira Three Legend One Siletz One Sacramento Joining them, in time, will be Florida 91, Delicious and IT-06-313. Minimum goal: A ripe tomato to pick on Christmas Day in the morning. Ultimate goal: 100 pounds of ripe tomatoes per week by the end of December. Mike
I started some seeds sunday night (1-10). I have a few more seeds in the mail from trades. To keep track of the plant dates, I'm going to list them out here. Seedman.com seeds(two seeds per cup): 4x Fatali 4x Bhut Jolokia 2x Golden Greek Pepperoncini 2x Goat Horn The last two are annums if my research is correct. If they grow to fast i will start them over at the end of Feb. Bob
Thanx much to (OrigamiRN For hooking me up with some plants)White bullet habaneroJolokiaFatali:lol:
kk guys here we r. my pics and i'd just like to thank every body for there support. Tree of paititi Sonoran chiletepin pepper Goat pepper pod on the plant waiting to ripen. Supposed to be a datil plant ( from applepie )
Hail! So i shall start another one of these threads for your forum clogging pleasure :-) At the time of this post i am growing: Bhut Jolokia 7 pot Trinidad Scorpion Aji Omnicolour Bolivian Rainbow Jalapeno Orange Habanero 'Razzamatazz' Mystery Ornamental This is my first time growing seedlings, and apart from a brief forray into gardening when i was like 4, my first growing experience! Today i repotted most of my seedlings from 1.5 inch seedling tray cells to 3.5inch pots. I used potting soil mixed with some perlite to help drainage. I've never repotted before and im sure i will lose some seedlings. Some of them had very small root balls!!! I buried them a few cm deeper than they were before. Here is pics! Top tray roughly left to...
I bought some seeds that were supposed to be Caribbean Red Habanero. They sprouted directly in an outdoor container in less than a week, and grew nicely. But then when I saw the first podling I said, "What the heck?" I began taking pictures, so I may as well continue thru harvest. Same pod a couple weeks later.
Ok well here they r Monkey's Face Poor looking doorstte naga. I'll translpant and fertilize soon 7pot unknown sender. Arribivi gusano cmpman
Moving from one house to another at 30° F, though 4 miles only, was a lot of stress for my plants. The neglect during all the moving and cleaning up activities added some stress too and caused some severe setback for my plants. This is how far they recovered until now. The plants in the wintergarden: My biggest plant so far: Aji Pineapple Tepin